17 January, 2015

News Article: Jewish Billionaire Funded Ferguson Protesters

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Q: What’s the likelihood that Congress, or the Missouri state legislature, will hold hearings on this matter? A: Zero. Civil rights = Jewish tyranny in blackface.


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    1. Mary O Says:

      NYC police officers seem to have stopped the violence that Soros was trying to incite. Turning their backs on DiBlasio was a very effective strategy, and one that we should keep in mind.

      The Soros orgs grant money to young leftists, and Soros experience acts as a flag on the resume to employers that the job applicant is the right sort of politically correct person to hire. Most large employers, including corporations, law firms and the government itself, are rabidly leftist.

      Soros is essentially what used to be called “The Establishment” in the 60s.

      Soros is our government.

      So why is Soros declaring war on the police?

      Soros, an immigrant, and supposed “Holocaust” survivor, doesn’t understand the American people.

      All Americans fervently believe in the right of self-defense. He will never persuade us that Officer Wilson did not do the right thing.

      One problem is that many people, even people who hate his policies, don’t know who he is.

      George Soros is the man behind the Housing Settlement of 2009 in which Westchester County was marked for destruction through the use of totally bogus measurements of the percentage of “Whites,” (anyone of mixed race is considered White, and all Asians are counted as White), and a demented Affirmative Action approach to housing.

      Soros’ real purpose is to attack the White middle-class whom he despises with all his heart, destroy whatever value their homes are worth, and use the county as a dumping ground for all the felons and trouble-makers who stand in the way of re-gentrifying NYC.

      Interesting how the people of Donbass and the people of Westchester County have the exact same enemy.