15 February, 2015

Celebrating the “Other” Again, or, Is There Really Such a Thing as a Bisexual?

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The media is always happy to mention that another social “Other” will be taking public office, this time in Oregon. This woman is called a “bisexual.” But many people believe that there’s no such thing as a bisexual. They instead believe that the word “bisexual” is just a mask or a cover – in other words, a bisexual is really a homosexual, who, for whatever reason, cannot “fully come out of the closet.” So he/she wears the label of “bisexual.”


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  7. 12 Responses to “Celebrating the “Other” Again, or, Is There Really Such a Thing as a Bisexual?”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      All of this got in to full swing after JFK was ventilated, and the Vietnam war got hot under the criminal LBJ absolutely. There is a new book out on Kennedy, but it can not nullify the “fact” that Kennedy was steadfastly against nuclear proliferation in the Arab World by the joos. That is fact, so trying to jumb/hump this man who was murdered, and afterwards the kikes took his wife, and daughter with jooish lightening murders his son and his pregnant wife along with smart ass article about him being a poor pilot is to be believed by TV headed idiots.

      Vietnam was not only a cover for the civil right bs, but a cover to promote self doubt, irresponsibility, drugs, phucking for phucking sake, removing honor from relationships. Then the top it all off, listen up pilgrims when they got the hot war going in Vietnam with 528,000 in that shit hole chink land, with three million plus serving in the legions, with millions more hiding out in coolieges learning how to hate their own people being taught history full omission’s and lies this created a severe shortage of young men to help paint our houss, help grandma, or the old man up road, or across the street move furniture across town, rake the yards, or just help out or working at the service station, phone company, baggage at the airports. Helping out on week ends to that hay in or other work was out, because our young men were taken away for NOTHING. The Eugene Rostow war out of NYC that gave US the FDR treason Pearl Harbor attack never stopped giving US the shaft.

      So the open border immigration law changes was a way to fill that void of our missing men hiding in college , or serving at sea, occupying Europe for a cold war that was do to having saved the USSR, that was a direct FDR/Kike cause that created the Nation destroying cold war, and blowing our wealth/spirit h in so many ways to hell along with our minds too!

      The MESSYCAN border had to be opened to laborers in the country as we operated a full blown HOT war sucking up all our A1 men in collieges and the military with a few having left the country too.

      joo’s went to itzlie and Canada in the biggest numbers I would guess.

      Nigger went crazy during the 1965-75 time period.

      Hollywood/music and drugs, along with disgusting news media, and collieges finished the majority of our minds from resisting the perverted bastards promoting sickness.

      Last Tango in Paris was in 1973, main point of that sick movie was rear ending a women, I never viewed that hollywood turd.

      Playboy and porn was normalized by 1970 as on the counter no under any more as fags/deviants were out of the closets and movie and TV would word our minds over while the Vietnam war and http://www.watergate.com was on the front burner every day.

      This out come of a open pervert serving as the political head of one of the so called state’s that ceased to exist with reconstruction 2 in 1965, only much more brutal and violent than the first is 100% part of what the FDR/NYC regime gave US back in 1933 when the criminal made US the first Nation to recognize the USSR in the World. FDR and his cabal cabal came in to office with a war planning against Europe as their most urgent agenda period. Starving US mean while along with our poor moving around homeless and HUNGRY ! Murder of men in these war’s hurt US badly and is the reason these perverts are in the open and bullydykes in your face.

      Feb. 18, 1945 Iwo Jima 45 days of hell 22,000 plus causalities. Japan surrendered in early Jan. 1945. Douglas MacArthur, admiral Nimitz, and USN CNO recommended to the human turd Truman to accept it ASAP, but after consulting with the FDR criminal Cabal of NYC he told the FRONT line officers, patriots, leaders of men, and scholars NO.

      The war on US has never stopped.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      One more thing the promotion of sex with out out responsibility incited by media/porn was made worse for our race as at the same time as the LBJ treason the jooish birth control pill was being promoted big time at coolieges and you name it. So by by 1981 their was a shortage young men in high schools to work week ends etc.

      Our best women loaded up on the pill, the birth rate drop of that time with open border invaders proves that one.

    3. fd Says:

      Queer as a 3 dollar bill.

      The Declaration of Independence has been a dead letter for more than a century. We live today under the biggest government and law enforcement on the planet. The whole of the country is a Federal fortress.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      fd Says:
      15 February, 2015 at 4:15 pm

      Queer as a 3 dollar bill.

      The Declaration of Independence has been a dead letter for more than a century. We live today under the biggest government and law enforcement on the planet. The whole of the country is a Federal fortress.


      No troll, alphabet ape, leftist, kike or other POS could or can deny the above.

      Mao and Stalin are smiling.

    5. Big Man Says:

      How can she be bisexual and married? How stupid.

      Is this for his entertainment or hers? (The thing with 2 women)

    6. Joe Says:

      It’s definitely a lesbian. Just look at it!

    7. Big Man Says:

      Check out this freak dancing and bobbling in this room. It is perhaps the most disturbing thing I have seen in my life


    8. Big Man Says:

      Nothing against the gay. Which I hate.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m a little confused…is that a guy in drag, a “Transgendered-American”, a dyke or something else? It’s getting very difficult to classify all of the sex-freaks that have suddenly come out of the woodwork.

    10. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      I’m old enough to remember when men were men, women were women and nothing in between except what you saw at the county fair freak show.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy, I take issue with your hostility towards Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1972 film Last Tango in Paris. The infamous scene you alluded to is only a small part of the movie and was wildly blown out of proportion by the salacious Jewsmedia. It was not a Hymiewood production, either, it was a French movie that starred Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider. I thought it was pretty good. So is the soundtrack.

      Playboy was known for its feature articles and celebrity interviews as much as it was for its heavily airbrushed photos of nekkid girls. I wouldn’t classify it as pornography. The USSA has such a hypocritical, almost schizophrenic attitude when it comes to s-e-x.

    12. vindicator06 Says:

      Transgender people who regret their sex changes typically get
      buried in venom rather than loved. Everyone has regrets. Some
      of us have big regrets. Most everyone has some place to go to
      get help dealing with them. Except for, say, a guy who had sex-
      change surgery and now would like to have his penis back!