4 February, 2015

More 9/11 Funnies

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Okay, so a Saudi Arabian prince supported al-Crapola. What does that have to do with 9/11/2001? There is no doubt that Israel was involved with 9/11. Remember the “dancing Israelis” on the rooftop in NYC? Remember the Israeli “art students”?


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s generally known that Saudi Arabia and Israel do work together, because they have a common enemy, namely Iranian-backed Shiite Islam. So I have no problem believing that Israeli and Saudi intelligence were fully aware of the 9/11 attacks long before they happened. Did Washingcoon know that Saudi-financed ragheads were going to hijack several planes and fly them into symbolic US targets months in advance? I think so, which means that the Bush Regime was part of a criminal conspiracy. But even if the Bush Regime didn’t know about the impending 9/11 attacks they’re still not off the hook, because that would be an example of criminal incompetence.

      The way I see it 9/11 was staged in retaliation for the huge US military presence in Saudi Arabia, not far from the two Islamic “holy” cities of Mecca and Medina. A lot of Mudslums resented such a large infidel/crusader military presence in the land of the “Prophet” and some of them decided to do something about it. After the 9/11 attacks ZOG very quietly withdrew its mercenary forces from that country but has since very quietly moved them back in again.

      Death to ZOG. Death to Zionism.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      And screw Reuters for referring to Moussaoui as a “French native”. He’s no more French than a rat that was born in a Paris sewer.

    3. Non Ame Says:

      I have a hard time believing that Saudi ‘pilots’ were able to fly those aircraft with the required precision. I have personally trained hundreds of pilots from all over the world, and by far the poorest students were Arabs. Well, Africans and Oriental females invariably washed out too, but the Arabs were utterly dense beyond belief. Their comprehension of the most basic subjects was abysmal. After training a few retarded Kuwaitis I was thoroughly convinced that there was no way in hell a bunch of retarded Saudis were able to navigate to Jew York and pull that off.

      And what about the cruise missile that hit the Pentagon right where it was undergoing renovation and where all kinds of records were stored?

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      Edwin M. Wright last public official statement for posterity. He left the truth.

      Historical M.O. is all any has to look at it to see how cows/people are baited for and into wars that are against a people interest and not for bettering or protecting a peoples peace, security, prosperity, blood or soil. Since 1945, our blood/genetics that were murdered in the war was not good enough no. The joos Jacob Javits of NYC and Emanuel Cellar went to work to open our borders to NON Whites and to make all WHITE American put nigger boys next to White girls.

      Since FDR was rammed in to office as POTUS in 1932 after previously being Governor of NYS in 1929 because of a stolen/cheated election first he and his NYC Cabal planned war against Germany Europe right away. FDR made US the first Nation on Earth to recognize a criminal regime called the USSR and gave them agricultural credits in 1933 so they start wiping out the last White resistance of Russia’s White farmers in a brutal genocide. See Holodomar.

      Read “Day Of Deceit” 1999 by Robert Bennet USN Captain R.I.P. on Pearl Harbor.

      Many wanted trials punishment after that war for this crime, but with Joe McCarthy squashed by the end of the Korean war with the arrogance of NYC/Hollywood money and lies in your face the public after years of suffering a depression thanks to kikes/FDR and WAR just let Joe dangle in the wind. He had filthy demented faggot on his staff in 1952 to make sure the man who was not sick fail. Roy Cohen POS. Read the last bio written on him, what filthy nasty work he was. Literally hygienically a filthy rear ending POS too, so disgusting.

      Patton had previous attempts on his life. He was held in in a secured hospital where NONE OF HIS officers were allowed to visit him. Think about that bs. Huey P. Long look at how he was shot in broad daylight and how he was finished off by a grossly incompetent kike doctor, after having been shot in the capital by a joo. Fact. Read Huey P. Long by T. Harry Williams, 1971, extraordinary book took ten years of research and interviews of hundreds.

      Historical M.O. will show you every thing clearly today.


      So few read, why even bother to censored the net, but their paranoia and control freak behaviors compel the hate criminals to war on any one in their way to total control of the Earth.

      One more thing, they kill Stalin too, as he was pissed over 1948, and for being used to support the Korean war in 1950-52. The USSR also never gave China any help with making an A bomb, nothing what so ever. So who did. The blew one up one year after JFK was ventilated and he demanded that the bandits submit to weekly inspections at their nuke center. A tiny gangster bandit state was working an A bomb right away, showing how much they respected US. and World peace.



    5. Howdy Doody Says:


      Meant write Robert Stinnett, author of “Day Of Deceit” 1999.

    6. William Pearson Says:

      Hello Friends,

      News Flash! Isreal pulled off 9/11.

      Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein, Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Frank Lowy, Michael Chertoff – these are the masterminds of 9/11. Not Bush, not Cheny, not 19 A-rabs with box cutters.

      Two brilliant researchers, Rebekah Roth and Christopher Bollyn, have independently put the pieces together and it all points to a Mossad false flag, a la Operation Susannah and USS Liberty. We even have pictures of the “art students” in the WTC with boxes full of fuse holders.


      They are so busted!

      This Israeli 9/11 connection presents us with the opportunity of a lifetime – an opportunity we’ve needed for decades. More than half of all Americans already know it was an inside job, but now we can point to that gallant democracy in the middle east.


      Although it is still essential for our survival deal the death blow to the Holocaust hoax, at this time we must divert our resources and energy to exposing the 9/11 perps. If we can wake up the white lemmings with this one, the whole house of cards will come down.

      Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Not Duke, not Strom, not Don Black. Am I missing something here? Who’s with me? Let’s make William Pierce proud.

      William Pearson
      Los Altos, CA