23 February, 2015

Why Don’t the Jews Leave Palestine?

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“What we could do for European Jewry, if they weren’t so god damned stubborn and arrogant, is ship them off to Soviet Birobidzhan, in the Russian Far East. Stalin offered that area to the Jews during the 1930s as an alternative to Palestine. They could have any type of society they wanted for themselves out there and would not be displacing any native inhabitants or causing any trouble for anyone. My advice to the Jews would be to move to Birobidzhan ASAP…” — VNN commenter Tim McGreen, 22 February, 2015.

This is an excellent idea for all of world Jewry, and the Jews should embrace it. Palestine is a loser for the Jews. There, they are surrounded by millions of hostile Arabs. Of course, Russia could attach some important conditions to Israel relocating to Birobidzhan, e.g., the Jews could not own nuclear weapons or combat aircraft, and their army could be limited to “X” number of men. Russia could require the Jews to pay “X” billion dollars for Birobidzhan. Other possible locations for a “new Israel” could be the Congo, Chad or Mali, or maybe some remote area of Brazil. (Some Jews moved to Birobidzhan and 4,000 of them still live there today).

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    1. fd Says:

      There are far more Jews in North America than Palestine. So why don’t the Jews leave North America? Having said that, send all the Negroes back to Africa with a Mexican under each arm.

    2. Larrie from CT Says:

      The jews don’t think they are the problem. They think Whites are problem. The jews haven’t changed their behavior in 3000 years and why should they? Their strategy is working. No matter what land you give them, no matter what concessions you give them, no matter what mercy you show them, they will not change and in fact are incapable of change outside of their parasitic behavior.

      No matter what is said, it’s coming down to the survival of the jews or Whites. One is going to win, the other will die. Moving them to a new locations just postpones the problem for the next generation. 90% of the whites need some serious house cleaning too.

      May the world come to understand this truth before it’s too late.

      It was only 65 since the juden exterminated millions in their death camps. 65 short years…!! They are destroying 100,000’s thousands in the Ukraine now. It won’t stop till they are stopped. The long and short of it.

    3. vindicator06 Says:

      Ah, but for every Jew there must be two score and ten of their Shabboz
      Goys. What to do with them?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, Birobidzhan is too good for those whining, ungrateful Jews. I think they should be shipped even further east, to the Kolyma Peninsula. That’s where the worst of Stalin’s gulags were located.

    5. Joe Says:

      Nice try, Tim. But, you know the Birobidzhan idea wouldn’t work. After all, whose blood and wealth could they possibly suck if they’re put in some isolated land. The poor souls would probably wither and die off for lack of gentile nutrition. Wait… on second thought, that IS a good idea!

    6. fd Says:

      Jews have no place to go. The Israeli government and the Federals at Washington city exist exclusively by the sword. War and carnage is their only means of support, even more so at Washington city. How else can those people justify such a monstrous government that wages war on nature.

      Israel was a bad move. The Jews have painted themselves in a corner.

    7. Non Ame Says:

      Let them have Israel. Their geographical location is perfect for humanity. While that area was once the crossroads of the world and the ancient Hebrews sat astride those vital trade routes, modern technology and transportation has made such an advantage largely moot. The problem is the influence of the Diaspora Jews that infiltrate the rest of the world. Send them all back to Israel and cut them off from us real humans. Make Israel the 21st century version of the Warsaw ghetto and let them fend for themselves against the millions of Arabs they foolishly dispossessed.

    8. Non Ame Says:

      Besides, poor Russia has been jewed enough for one century. They don’t deserve to have a bunch of those demons plopped in their laps again. Unless the Russisns have the own plans for them…….

    9. fd Says:

      Non Ame wrote: “. . . let them fend for themselves against the millions of Arabs they foolishly dispossessed.” Good point. There was no reason for the Jews to insult the Arabs like inner city thugs and ruffians seizing territory.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      There must be a reason why the Zionists wanted Palestine as their ‘homeland” when other locations would have been far less troublesome. Its strategic proximity to the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Suez Canal and Indian Ocean? The fact that it is located at the crossroads to three continents? The nearby oil fields of Libya, Iraq and Arabia? Perhaps the conquest of territory in which the mythical kingdom of ancient Israel supposedly existed was supposed to provide an added incentive to establishing a Jew homeland?

      At any rate the Jews had no right to dispossess 3/4 of a million native inhabitants from that land, nor did they have the right to throw the entire region into a permanent state of turmoil. Even if their Holohoax fairy tale was true, it had nothing to do with the Palestinians.

    11. fd Says:

      I think the mythical kingdom of ancient Israel mentioned above was used as an excuse for the land grab. AH predicted in his 1920s book that the Jews would use Palestine as a safe haven for scoundrels and crooks. The majority of Jews continue to live outside the place styled Israel.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews always want it both ways. They want a Jew homeland but they don’t want to live in it, because they would prefer to live in predominantly White countries. They want elite schools for Jews only but expect our best schools and to be open to them as well. Of course we are not allowed to have a White homeland or elite schools for Whites only. Nor are we allowed to dominate any powerful or lucrative professions. But the Jews can and do. Everything about the Jews really pisses me off.