13 April, 2015

One Reason Why the Jews Hate Russia: Weapons Sales to Iran

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“Russia is the Jews’ hell, and they know it.” — VNN Forum poster “ohgolly.”

Russia has a long history of not cooperating with Zionism.


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  7. 5 Responses to “One Reason Why the Jews Hate Russia: Weapons Sales to Iran”

    1. Jürgen Says:


      If Iran indeed acquires this state-of-the-art missile defence system, then Israel is finished. Let me repeat: FINISHED.

      Israel will not be able to launch an air attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.
      Meanwhile, Iran will finish making a nuclear bomb, then simply place the device in a sack on the back of a donkey, and have some peasant quietly light it off in Tel Aviv.

      It is ironic how Iran has won the chess match with Israel, and will now have the jewish state in checkmate, since the game of chess originated in Persia.

    2. -JC Says:


      But this is certainly why there is so much anti-Obama propaganda in the mainstream media of so called news:

      “Meanwhile, [Zionist] Kerry is due to brief Congress, as the Obama administration attempts to persuade opponents not to block the deal’s implementation.”

    3. Luke Says:

      I am not as optimistic. With the entire GOP establishment and every GOP creep who’s planning to run for prez in 2016 proudly wearing their Israeli Lobby dog collars and promising to start a war with Iran if Sheldon Adelson donates enough money to get their treasonous asses into the White House, my gut instincts are that the jews are going to make danged sure that they get one of these paper trained, GOP war mongering stooges into the Oval Office.

      And, if Israel decided to try to attack Iran on their own – you will be hearing all kinds of screams from the donkey fellators in the US Congress to get the US military involved, so as to save the loss of any precious jew blood.

      I think that is a huge part of the gamble that Netanyahu will be counting on, because as we all know, jews do not like to fight in the wars they start. They’d rather have the stupid white goyim do the fighting, bleeding and dying.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Since Hillary Iron-Pants is not totally trusted by jewry they will probably decide to install one of their obedient GOP stooges in the Black House next year. Marco the Spic-O, King George Bush III, Canada Cruz, Rand Paul-Saul, it doesn’t matter which one they choose, they all stand up on their hind legs and dance around like circus dogs when the jews order them to.

      Meanwhile the ZOG hate-campaign against Russia and Putin continues, but to what end? Russia has 10,000 atomic weapons and tens of millions of people who, thanks to stupid American and EU provocations, now support Putin more strongly than ever. It should be obvious to everyone who isn’t a Zionist Jew or a goy stooge that the world needs another superpower like Russia to keep the USA and the Zionist Entity in check and under control.

    5. HATE Says:

      give me a break. putin has put all the white nationalists in prison, imports non white migrants, and still allows the jew oligarchs free reign to rape and profit off the nation. iran is simply being armed as a provocation…for its future destruction by israel or JEW.S.A
      – fcuk goddamn putin