13 May, 2015

Hellstorm: the Genocide That Actually Happened

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The aim of the “allies” was “the utter destruction of the German nation.” Yep: women, children, the elderly. All were targeted for death. These were civilians! Genocide and war crimes against unarmed citizens, sponsored by Big Jew. Who built-up (and saved) the Soviet Union? America did, via the Jewish-produced Lend-Lease program, with tens of millions of dollars worth of aid and supplies going to the communists. Why did America aid a murderous, communist country? Good question [1]. Note the wholesale rape of German women and children by the Soviet communists, many of whom were non-White mongoloids. Nobody talks about the allies’ genocide today. They’re too busy whining about the “6 million Jews” who weren’t murdered by Hitler (a great many of the Jews survived Hitler’s “death camps” and moved to America. Lucky us!). See also “DeNazification.”


[1] American aid was vital to the Soviet war machine. Here’s a quote: “It would have been impossible for the Red Army to move the masses of troops and supplies on the primitive roads to the front lines without American Studebaker trucks…” [Here]

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      The graphic reality of the ‘hellstorm’ genocide of the German people has been slowly entering public consciousness ever since James Baque published his ground-breaking books ‘Other Losses’ and ‘Crimes and Mercies’ back in the 1990’s. Still worth reading.

    2. fd Says:

      According to Churchill, Germany was destroyed for the audacity of operating outside the World monetary system. The barter system is anathema to the world conquerors. The Germans got the same medicine the Confederacy did. It is mandatory that everyone be a team player. Graze in the same pasture or die.

    3. Luke Says:

      I downloaded this video and burned it to a DVD about a week ago, and finally had some time to watch it last night. Outstanding job by Kyle Hunt and Tom Goodrich. Sinead McCarthy did an absolutely fantastic job as the narrator; she has a fabulous and very pleasing sounding voice and she deserves a ton of credit for her contributions.

      I’d never seen a picture or a video of Tom Goodrich – and he looked nothing like what I had expected, after listening to him do countless radio interviews over the last several years.

      Incidentally, my first exposure to Tom Goodrich as an author, came as result of Dr. Pierce devoting one of his old ADV broadcasts to the book Goodrich wrote called ‘Scalp Dance’. I highly recommend that book, for anyone who has not yet read it. After seeing what a fantastic job Kyle and company did on the Hellstorm video – it would be really great if they decided to do a video documentary based on the Scalp Dance book, as a follow up.

      Purging White guilt is a big task and videos of this kind can be a great help when trying to educate our fellow Whites about the lies the jews have spun out of endless Hollywood and TV movies.