22 May, 2015

Israel’s Future and America’s, Too

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If America loses power in the world – and it will due to the continuing mismanagement of both foreign and domestic matters – then Israel will also lose power – major power, in fact. Like a tick in search of a new dog, Israel will, at some point, be forced to find another “host” to feed off of. But where?


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  7. 5 Responses to “Israel’s Future and America’s, Too”

    1. Rigor mortis Says:

      The only thing that will completely erradicate the jews, is the destruction of xianity in the Western world, once thats gone the jews will lose their psychic powers that the masses of xianity provide them. I don’t think Islam will provide them safe haven or the worship that they receive and special status from the good book.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      RM, most, if not all, of the Christian Churches are fully on board with big jew and the NWO. Public support of Christianity in many countries of Western Europe is in rapid decline, but that isn’t worrying big jew, as long as they control the media and banking they couldn’t care what religion, or none, people practice.

    3. fd Says:

      Decline of the so-called U.S.

      Good riddance to the Federal government. I would like to see Washington city collapse with no chance of restoring itself. Reduce North America to government on the local level.

      Can Jews and race traitors be defeated? Yes.

    4. BS Says:

      They will Samson Option us when they sink. It’s that simple.

    5. Sam Says:

      There’s a small but very clear trend of Jews putting out feelers in China. They’re very different from Chinese and the Chinese understand what they did to America so their chances there are slim. Still, they’ll try through the usual method of corrupting the leaders.