23 May, 2015

The Syria Two-Fer

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Jew #1: “On the one hand, the war in Syria (which started in 2012 and is now being fought by Israel, America and Britain via their homemade creature called “ISIS”) will probably remove president Assad from power. That’s a win for us Jews.”

Jew #2: “Yes. And on the other hand, the war in Syria is producing a huge number of refugees, and many of them will eventually resettle in America, which will further de-Whiten the U.S. So, it’s a double-win for us Jews!”

  • 2 Responses to “The Syria Two-Fer”

    1. rigor mortis Says:


      Now what do you expect Syria to do as retalitation? Or the JewASS kuntgress? Oh yeah PBS informs us that a kike in Shitreal commits suicide because he mistreated a negress.

    2. Mary O Says:

      Have been listening to audio-book, “A Fiery Peace in a Cold War,” by Neil Sheehan. Although Schreiber is presented in a positive light, the entire Cold War is depicted as nothing more than money-making scheme by large US government contractors & orchestrated mainly by Jews like von Neumann and the “Martians,” a group of Hungarian Jews bitter over Hungary’s supposed “anti-Semitism.”

      The author dismisses the threat of the growth of world communism as just propaganda to sell the US public on an endless series of vicious bombing campaigns against the rest of the world.

      Today we see the same Cold War has returned, but our enemy is not communism, but rather anyone who wants to live a normal life.

      Nationalism could be seen as the “new enemy,” though Russia has always been an empire, rather than a nation.

      Assad is right to fight for his nation’s autonomy.

      When the Muslims immigrate into the West, they are immediately placed onto public assistance, and their children attend “dumb-down” schools. The children grow up uneducated, and confused about their identity. For example, you will see the young Muslim woman with hair covered tightly in a scarf while showing off her entire legs in a micro-mini and high-heels. They hate us, of course; blaming us for all their anxiety at not having a meaningful, authentic life. At least their own former homelands offered their existence some dignity.

      ISIS draws its membership from these disappointed immigrants, and they blow up our antiquities for revenge.