20 June, 2015

Dylann Roof’s Manifesto?

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Don’t know if this is real or not: [Webpage].

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    1. fd Says:

      I’m not buying it. The manifesto cannot be trusted. If not a fraud, it’s likely heavily edited.


    2. Fortinbras Says:

      It sounds to me like a likely forgery. I’m skeptical.

    3. J├╝rgen Says:

      The simple fact is:

      You cannot trust ANYTHING from this lying, sack-of-shit, marxist jew “media.”
      They are not there for the truth; they are there for their agenda. Period.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      That “Dylann Storm Window” character looks retarded to me, so I rather doubt he is capable of writing anything. Unless it can be proven otherwise I am convinced that ZOG invented this whole story, complete with fake pictures of the “perpetrator” and a fake “manifesto”.

    5. fd Says:

      Let’s pull the real history book out and see who is responsible for the fearful slaughter of Negroes at Charleston (the federals). The following is an excerpt lifted from the Confederate Battle Report on Fort Wagner.

      Charleston Harbor

      Assault On Fort Wagner. July 22, 1863. Brigadier General R.S. Ripley, Commanding

      “The carnage of the enemy in the confined space in front of Battery Wagner was extreme. The ditch and glacis were encumbered with the slain of all ranks and colors, for the enemy had put the poor negroes, whom they had forced into an unnatural service, in front, to be, as they were, slaughtered indiscriminately. The White colonel who commanded them fell with many officers of the regiment (the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts), and the colors under which they were sent to butchery by hypocrisy and inhumanity, fell, draggled in blood and sand in the ditch, a mournful memorial of the waste of industry.”

      Confederate General Johnson Hagood said of Robert Gould Shaw:

      “Had he been in command of white troops, I should have given him an honorable burial; as it is, I shall bury him in the common trench with the niggers that fell with him.”

    6. Luke Says:

      Dailystormer has what appears to be the full, alleged, ‘manifesto’ up today.

      Reading it over, two things came immediately to mind. First, it reads exactly like the standard ADL and SPLC crafted demonization propaganda that we’ve seen both of those jewish run anti-White outfits use to demonize and discredit and defame any pro-White man, woman, website, or organization over the last 40 or more years. In fact, it reads just like one of the scary fundraising letters that they routinely send out to their fellow jews in order to scare the shekels out of their wallets and into the coffers of the ADL and SPLC.

      Secondly, if you set aside whatever emotions you might have about the official narrative of what supposedly happened in Charleston – and just zero in on the allegations that are cited that offer criticism of the jewish media’s efforts to suppress and censor the discussion of racial differences and to suppress any pro-White speech – you can clearly see that just about every allegation listed is an easily verifiable truth.

      This is a time worn and heavily used tactic of the jews. Using recitations of the truth to discredit the truth and to make a laughing stock of anyone who dares to speak the truth about the realities of race or about the anti-White subversiveness of the jews. Since jews cannot hope to tackle each allegation and cannot dispute the overwhelming evidence that can be provided to prove it’s authenticity – they instead, have to make a mockery of the truth and to turn the entire paradigm of truth vs lies upside down.

    7. Luke Says:

      One more observation that I saw another poster mention. The marksmanship skills of this young, 21 year old psychopath. We have been
      told that he used a .45 semi auto pistol to kill the 9 black church attendees, right?

      Well, if that .45 semi auto was a 1911 style pistol – that make of .45 ACP pistol usually has a 7 round or 8 round magazine. Which means, the Roof kid would have had to stop and reload before he could kill all 9 people. I’ve seen no reports of anyone just being wounded, so every single person who he shot, he killed. 9 bullets, 9 dead victims.

      Roof has not had any military training or marksmanship training, but he is able to perform his evil deeds with the cold, efficient degree of skill that would be the envy of a Mafia or Mossad hit team?

      We were told the same tale about that 125lb, scrawny, autistic kid named Lansa in the Sandy Hook false flag event, remember?

      Something doesn’t add up.

    8. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Is that gefilte fish?

    9. Rigor Mortis Says:

      He got amongst the innocent lambs and had sex in foreign places, Guilty!!

    10. fd Says:

      Return of the Black republicans. Mitt Romney called for the immediate removal of the Confederate battle flag from outside the South Carolina Statehouse.


    11. Sgt. Skull Says:

      If the manifesto is authentic then I wouldn’t be surprised if it contained some edits from someone hostile to our way of thinking. Citing CofCC in a manifesto seems rather odd as well as misspelling learn (lern then learn in the same paragraph).

      The manifesto appears to be written by a rational person with the intent to convey that anyone who thinks like Dylan Roof, or us for that matter, is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. As such, we need hate crime laws and draconian anti-gun laws.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      The tighter that ZOG turns the screws the more resistance they will encounter.