25 July, 2015

Clark Proposes Internment Camps for Dissenters

Posted by Socrates in Big Brother, Big Government, Orwell, Socrates, thought crime at 4:36 pm | Permanent Link

I understand Clark’s reasoning, but where will the ideological line be drawn, e.g., will “neo-Nazis” and “right-wing extremists” also be rounded up and imprisoned by the federal government? Who will decide which people are rounded up? Will a Jew decide? Will a negro decide?


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  7. 19 Responses to “Clark Proposes Internment Camps for Dissenters”

    1. Non Ame Says:

      I know this is a rhetorical question, but Socrates, are those rhetorical questions?

    2. fd Says:

      Clark is a 24 carat Jew. He wants preemptive arrest for those who are disloyal to the U.S. Any person short of unconditional obedience to the American State is a radical and should be rounded up. It sounds like Clark wants to tighten the grip on consolidated despotism. Identifying your home state to the exclusion of others is hate crime which is the same as thought crime. It’s Dallas, Texas USA.

      “NATO=s supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, on CNN news sinisterly stated ALet=s not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That=s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

    3. fd Says:

      Somebody check the filter.

    4. fd Says:

      never mind, thanks…

    5. Heather Blue Says:

      I understand Clark’s reasoning, too. Several years ago he made a rather odd anti white remark for a military man and I looked him up. Don’t know about his mother, but Wesley Clark’s father was Jewish. Since Jews have no loyalty to anything White, he has something in mind a lot more sinister than he’s revealing.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      The insane women once uttered non sense about a vast right wing conspiracy against her gang, what a crook, and this lunatic was fired from the water gate investigating committee by the led attorney if I remember correctly for lying and generally be a hard core shrill leftist crazy.

      The fact that Clark endorsed Hillary Clinton speaks volumes about his character. The fact that he’s supporting Hillary again for 2016 lets me know just how serious he is about bringing back the internment camps.
      Comment from article

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      Read that one.

      Billions paid for reparations to Japanese based on lies, with the weaponized media and Barney Franks hearings 1985 on C-SPAN showing how radical hooligans hooted, stamped their feet, and noise makers going when the surviving officers from 1942 tried to speak on the facts of what they and govt did exactly and whole truth. Was crushed to demonizes White’s who had in reality done What NO other race in HUMAN history had ever done.

      Japanese American owe White America an apology for riding the joo wagon for a pay out, not deserved, which is theft.

    8. Max Says:

      A “right-wing extremists” is just someone who doesn’t agree with the government. That’s most Americans.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Clark is very dangerous because although he looks White he is genetically a jew. There are undoubtedly thousand like him working 24/7 on our genocide.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      CW-2 Says:
      26 July, 2015 at 5:32 am

      Clark is very dangerous because although he looks White he is genetically a jew. There are undoubtedly thousand like him working 24/7 on our genocide.

      These half joo’s are in almost every county in the West. I have known some who have baited White patriots, who because they have a White name like Irish, German or English, but a are 101% kike. Men who married them college had go to kike camps in the summer, and it all secret in their tiny rural counties.

      They get on library boards and old books that are important are dumpstered away, yeah.

      Cryptic jooos are the worst and White’s at large just don’t get it. They have our govt. and have used us in wars against our interests 100%


      Back in 91 and in 2000 bombing of Belgrade they were cheer leaders.

      The open border hostile non White invasion of all Western Nation’s is the REALITY mark on the chart for where we are at on the map.

      I can tell you this, that now more ordinary White men who have listened to talk radio and neve cracked a serious book are now seeing the light as the forest of Western Nations are on fire today.

      The Belgrade actions were a crime.

      I am not a slav, nor know any either, but a crime is a crime.

      I have spoken to at least a 100 retired Navy vets over the last 20 years and only one knew details about the http://www.ussliberty.org


      This is why I always say media is a weapon used against us since FDR came to office.

      In fact their were hearing’s in the senate going on to go after them just months before Pearl Habor shut that down.


      So few White men read thanks to media since 1945 it has helped to brain rinse US to accept constant bs.

      Read what the weaponized media was like in 1948, Joe McCarthy was destroyed by them, and they yell McCarthyism to this day such criminals they are.

      When the USS LIBERTY was attacked rest assured the MEDIA kikes knew about, but silence. Yet Daniel Ellsberg was made out to be a HERO, utter and complete media bull shit, such criminals.

      Look, never mind what Richard Nixon was, http://www.watergate.com they worked around the clock to drive him MAD they literally chased him out of office! http://www.watergate.com read this to fully get the aroma of kike media. Fact are now at your feet.

    11. fd Says:

      Off topic

      Law makers debate removal of Confederate monument on Stone Mountain. Statues of the Southern Confederacy labeled— time warp/embarrassment. Negroes threaten to dig up Bedford Forrest and wife.

      Meanwhile back at the Potomac, magnificent Federal pageantry is dripping in the blood of White southerners.


    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      If detentions were limited to muzzies with radical associations or inclinations and black rioters then I’m all for it, but we know that any legislation supporting such an action by the federal government will be so broadly worded that practically anyone can be arrested and detained for “disloyalty”.

      Just like the “war on terror” and DHS was supposed to protect us from foaming at the mouth muzzies, but now the DHS says right wing domestic extremists (code for non nigger & Jew loving white people) are public enemy number one. So now politically incorrect, non liberal white people will be candidates to be rounded up by the kikocrats and their shabbas goy.

      We could just end all immigration and start deporting muzzies and mestizo criminals but that would be too easy. Better to let in violent turd worlders so we can use them as a pretext to erect a gulag system a la the Soviet Union and finally exterminate the white race.

      Revilo Oliver said that the jew never says what he means or means what he says, so I think we know who Wesley “Europe will have mutiethnic states” Clark had in mind when he makes this recommendation.

    13. nom nom nom Says:

      Since the USG is a Juden-staat, any disloyalty to the half-breed Jews is disloyalty to the USG.

      There won’t be swimming pools and prostitutes in their gulags.

      Industrial carcass-grinders recording the event for Jewish posterity and entertainment is more likely.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      By the sheer amount of disgusting violent fantasy movies the kike produced, they do like mass murder, screams of terror, pain, and agony.

      Normal human being would have never made so many sicko movies.

      Notice how the Hollywood/NYC media phucks went nutz after Nov. 22, 1963 with social anti White slop programing and sicko movies like Midnight Cowboy, Bonnie and Clyde.

      Yeah, these are sicko drug pusher too, they want every one on some type of drugs.

      Since FDR came to office they have had a good ole time looting US like they did Russia.

      Look at S.C. eviljellycultist get official’s elected to prove they are pc too, such dolts yes, but fifth columnists non the less.

    15. fd Says:

      Southern celebrities: Bonnie and Clyde were hungry Confederates. They fought the Federals on the retail level. The so called Great Depression motivated them. Some people stand in line when things fall part, other identify their enemies and load their guns.

      Pretty Boy Floyd was cut from the same bolt of cloth. He had no tolerance for the phony Depression. Woody Guthrie wrote a timeless ballad honoring the Georgia boy.

      The James Brothers, Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd and so many others took up the challenge in their time. This is bound to happen again. The criminal government on the Potomac will give rise to White men and women who will not be provoked with impunity.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      I was not concerned about Bonnie and Clyde the victims fighting back like the James family and thieving Rail Roads taking peoples property with out permission or compensation.

      Hollywood bastards movies was on the sick side.

      Thank you.

    17. fd Says:

      I agree with your words, Howdy Doody. When I saw Bonnie and Clyde on your post, it motivated me to explain the plight people are forced into by criminal government.

    18. fd Says:

      All the screaming, yelling, violent, films coming out of Hollywood complete with fire and bombs is bad enough. What strikes me the most is the non-stop release of gruesome horror films. I believe these films have a Christian/Judaism mentality. Dark religions with a long history of violence, gore and the creation of monsters. Hitler commented on the darkness of gothic art which is born out of Christianity.

      Pagan Europe chose light and life–the upward path. Pagan monstrosities are unknown to me other than a White hero slaying a giant.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      There is something strange and weird in what passes for the jewish ‘mind’. They started producing horror films even before making skin flicks.