28 August, 2015

Jewish Columnist: Donald Trump is Another Joe McCarthy

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(Above: Sen. Joe McCarthy (d. 1957), an ex-judge, ex-Marine and commie-fighter, who was brought down by the Jews)

Actually, being called a Joe McCarthy is a compliment, because McCarthy was right: there were lots of communists in the U.S. government in 1950. Anyway, the Jews are starting to get worried. Trump could “legitimize” anti-immigrant feelings in America, which wouldn’t be good for the Jews, because they’ve spent years de-Whitening America, and they don’t want a rich White guy to undo their handiwork. (By the way, it was a Jew who originally coined the term “melting pot” and a part-Jew who coined the term “McCarthyism” [1]).


[1] a Jew, Israel Zangwill, coined the term “melting pot” in 1908, and a part-Jew, the cartoonist Herbert Block, coined the term “McCarthyism” in 1950. The opposition to McCarthy was 90% Jewish-led

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    1. fd Says:

      ‘Melting Pot’ reminds me of the fact that Jew roots originated in the racial cauldron of the Middle East.

    2. Larrie from CT Says:

      The kikes like always affected change by creating a movie called the “Melting Pot” in the 1915’s where they promoted the idea of America being a racial melting pot, a forerunner of “Diversity.” Even today Americans still quote the jewish construct that we are a “melting pot” of races as if it was a historic fact when in reality the idea was implanted in us by a movie the jews created.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      What does a ‘melting pot’ produce?….mostly a useless sludgy slag. Iron and chrome can be alloyed to form a beautiful hard wearing steel, but iron cannot be alloyed with lead or any dissimilar metal. Only metals of similar qualities can form harmonious combinations, the same applies to genes. Nature will have the last word.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Haven’t heard AM talk radio for months while driving as it is annoying kiked noise, but when I last did the fag host yelped “McCarthyism” in 2015. PLUS in the few minutes I heard he mentioned Huey P. Long with a slander about him being a fascist BS.

      http://www.watergate.com around the clock assault on the public it was relentless 100% at the time in ever venue of media 100%.

      Huey P. Long, 1971 by T. Harry William’s Knopf published. This book is scholarly and well written, it got published at the time as the gate keeper’s were busy on culture and more per phucking US over.

      Joe never took our freedom’s away. Joe as a country boy who did not get 50,000 White men standing beside and he should have deputized a hundred to help him. Joe was over Whelmed when RFK left his staff in 1952 and the extremely and literally filthy NYC Roy Cohen faggot along with Mr. Ike stabbed Joe in the back. When Joe got hepatitis NO one else in the restaurant did at the time.

      Today we have homoland insecurity that whores in foggy bottom approved so fast in 01 to phucked US over they were falling over them selves rushing to approve this kike lead/invented agency. Never has this bill of rights infringement been Sun downed, plus we have had a hostile full blown non White invasion, while the weaponized media incites racial out of Hollywood and demonize’s White’s for opposing the invasion to destroy US.

      There is no opposition to the war machine since 1991 when the media steam rolled it day and night and POS NPR rebroadcast the B.B.C. so the leftist White idiots would believe all the war lies.

      The full blown NKVD likely will be foisted upon US, as the rule of law and borders are gone.

      Bottom line is the NYC/Hollywood media feigned being afraid to get public idiot sympathy at the time. It was too long after Lucile Ball the POS idiot testified that she got I LOVE LUCY on TV. TV was completely brain washing for the most port it was like dripping water not much noticed, but after Nov. 22, 1963 media went hog wild in the filth department 360 degrees they did.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      FDR/NYC war on US, coming home and fighting his way in to foggy bottom wore him out, he 42 I think in this PHOTO !

      He just did fully grasp how strong the hidden fifth column hands were by then, and its very likely he had never read Henry Ford’s Dearborn newspaper. He was a country boy, and he should have put a call for five hundred volunteers.

      When he accepted the advice and the filthy Roy Cohen his goose and our was cooked.