30 August, 2015

Tennessee: Trying to Control Words

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The Cultural Marxists know: in order to control a country, you must first control the country’s language. Just rename something, and you can change minds. For example, “gay” sounds much friendlier than “homosexual.” And “undocumented immigrant” sounds much less severe than “illegal alien.”


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  7. 5 Responses to “Tennessee: Trying to Control Words”

    1. Mary O Says:

      Donna Braquet, who runs the university’s Pride Center, wrote the guidelines, which are accompanied with a long table demonstrating how to replace the regular parts of speech.

      She also advises staff members not to call roll in class, and to instead greet every student by asking them to announce their name and pronoun of preference.

      We need to rethink the entire attitude of kicking 18 year-olds out of the house.

      Why are so many freshmen girls and girls who join the military reporting that they were either raped, “date-raped” or felt raped after an unfortunate misunderstanding?

      First, they are young, and then traumatized by the whole experience of being booted out of their homes; so they latch onto some “bf” who has been advised by his parents to “play the field” (i.e. avoid all commitments of any type). The girls are basically set up.

      So why don’t we just NOT eject 18 yo’s from their lifelong homes?

      Let them do college, if they want, from home. Everyone in the US lives within commute distance of a good enough college.

      Of course, parents will have learn new attitudes: respecting their adult child’s need to socialize, and not imposing any inappropriate limitations on their lifestyle.

      But honestly, one college is as good as another. Not counting stellar institutions like MIT, Chem 101 is the same course no matter where you take it: same text, same type as teacher with the same qualifications, same assignments, same exams, same types as co-students.

      Of course people point out that as an ambitious middle-class person you are supposed to relish the thought of rubbing shoulders with rich people, who will provide “friendships to last a lifetime,” and serve as prospects for a stock broker career.

      My answer is to look at the cost-benefits ratio. Do you really want to be $50K in debt just to save you from like 1 week of cold calls?

      ! And, more importantly — What if you don’t want to be a stock broker?

      The friendships made in college don’t last, unless you had a lot in common with that person before you went to the college.

      At my college all the major cliques were loosely based on the high schools people had attended; many students being graduates of extremely large NYC and Long Island high schools.

      So college is not necessary to start or reinforce friendships.

      The other people one meets might be interesting, the people from different cultural backgrounds, but the friendship will only last for the duration of attendance at the college or university. College itself provides nothing to hold the friendships together.

      In olden times, going away was necessary because scholars were rare, and the idea of being immersed in a community of scholars was considered essential to a gentleman’s proper intellectual and social education.

      But now these places are mostly zoos, expensive zoos. We need to get rid of the sentimentality. Young people need useful work. And esp. young women need to be physically safe from these people like Braquet.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ain’t no fat-ass lesbo to tell me how to talk. Crikey Christ O’Malley.

    3. Jurgen Says:

      And “pay YOUR taxes” sounds much better than:

      pay our extortionist, unconstitutional JEW fee or else.

    4. Jurgen Says:

      And “pay YOUR taxes” sounds much better than:

      pay our extortionist JEW fee or else.

    5. Denis Solano Says:

      If the whites were a superior race, it means their brain outpace all other ethnicities and population groups, then why:

      1.- They did have alphabet until the Latin Romans gave them one. As far as I know all Germanic and Nordic people writing uses the latin letters. The cirillic appears a long time after and copied the greek alphabet.

      2.- They did not formed or participate in any historic process of human mankind formation. On the contrary, they live in smoking huts until 10,000 AC and practice incest. their knowledge of agriculture was passed by the Latin Romans over time.

      3. The roman prohibited the mix with people of “blue yes” until 380 AC because they consider them “sub-human”. The Romans says ” we react by intellect , they (barbarians) reacts by instinct”.

      3.- They created the “dark ages” that lasted four centuries. That was the time that took the white supremacist to acquire some sense of social behaviour. Europe was embeded 400 years in the mud.

      4.- The Roman and Mediterranean peoples after the Roman Empire fell decayed even further after mixing racially with all the Nordic and Germanic barbarians that either invaded the Mediterranean countries or work as cheap labor during the Roman times. The residue in the culture and behaviors is still oppressing all the Mediterranean countries in terms of social culture.pp

      5.- The Renaissance period shows up in Italy again and not in a Germanic or Nordic country.

      6.- This is the first time in the last 150 years that the anglo saxon countries have a real power economically and politically around the world. As afr as I know the world powers were in this order: Siria, Egypt, Greece, Romans, Persian, Chinesse, Arabs , Ottomans, Italy(Genova and Venice), Spain and Portugal, France, and then in the last 150 years: US and Britain with a late arrival of Germanic and in the next 20 years -China.

      7.- A mixed race individual like the Mediterranean people lived longer than a nordic one. It is not the food but the racial mix that put far away the sickness proper of each race from the individual being created. The medicine altered this trend in the last 20 years where now the “pure” races can enjoy the benefits of the medicine and not the benefits of a superior health.

      8.- Etc, etc, etc,