9 September, 2015

Illusion and Leverage

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The reality, of course, is that computers are a White thing and always have been: the invention, the engineering, the programming, you name it. Blacks just aren’t involved. You can teach a Black to use a computer, of course, just as you can teach a chimpanzee to ride a bicycle. But computers remain in the White domain, just as bicycles remain in the human domain. And that’s certainly not because anyone is holding Blacks back. It’s a matter of aptitude and inclination. Chinamen certainly are capable of understanding the science involved, which is why under the Clinton policy of globalizing the economy much of the computer technology we developed is moving to China, and we’re now forced to buy some computer products from the Chinese.” [1].


[1] during the 1990s, the Clinton administration allowed sophisticated supercomputer technology to go to China, which endangered U.S. national security – Ed.

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  7. 2 Responses to “Illusion and Leverage”

    1. Col. Peiper Says:

      Globalism really started during the 70’s when Nixon opened trade talks with China. China’s industries began to expand enormously to what they have become today.

    2. rigor mortis Says:

      Don’t buy into any propaganda from the GOP about protecting borders, or protecting jobs for Americans.