2 September, 2015

Jewrmany Being Swamped by an Immigrant Invasion

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Germany isn’t Germany anymore, after years of being Jewed eight different ways [1]. Of course, the Jews are loving every minute of this: they couldn’t completely wipe out Germany’s culture via the Morgenthau Plan and DeNazification, but mass immigration will wipe out Germany’s culture once and for all, and the Jews are counting on that.


[1] 1) the Versailles Treaty; 2) the Wiemar government; 3) anti-German actions by world Jewry from 1933 onward; 4) WWII; 5) the Morgenthau Plan; 6) DeNazification; 7) Holocaust reparations payments; 8) media-driven Holocaust-guilt industry

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Well, this is the Kalergi Plan as outlined in 1924. It has been planned for a long time, but I suspect big jew has finally overplayed their evil grubby hand.
      Another million useless nigs and muds for the German taxpayer to support and pamper. It’s unsustainable and the German economy will take a dive as exports increase in price and quality declines.

    2. fd Says:

      Germany has been under heavy occupation for 70 years. The entire country is a Jew/Federal fortress. So far as I’m concerned, the German economy is the American economy.

      I hope the German people are not institutionalized.

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      No wonder McGreen shot up the theatre.

      This kind of stuff will drive you batty!

    4. Jurgen Says:

      If this doesn’t wake up the White Nationalists there to overthrow
      the jewed “govt.” there, then the entire place will become CoonTown,
      lost forever – do the math.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Yes, WN must overthrow the jew death grip, but HOW? All the pathways to peaceful change are blocked and armed resistance at this stage is almost hopeless.
      But there is a precedent of sorts; in 1916 a group of Irish patriots, with very little support and hopelessly out numbered, proclaimed the republic on the steps of the main Post Office building in Dublin and then proceeded to await events. The British government responded by shelling the city.
      Today, WN in any European city could expect a similar response. A necessary sacrifice to awaken people?

    6. Joe Says:

      The powers that be have been waging war on Germany by other means since 1945.The US remains the Golem of the global Zionist ruling elite and does its dirty work.Whats been lacking for decades is a united global effort by Western nationalists to derail and overthrow this threat to Western civilization.What has been lacking thus far is a centralized global strategy to defeat the threat that international Jewry poses to humanity.Without this hegemony the chances of success are small.Many will say global Zionist ownership of the media,bla,bla,bla,etc. and other exuces makes this virtually impossible and so on.I was in Croatia when the show trial farce against Dinko Šaki? the co. of the Jasenovac concentration camp was under way (Im a 100 per cent war invalid from the recent wars)and I showed up to protest Jew BS during the trial.I personnaly told off the clown Ephraim Zuroff to take a hike and was arrested and spent a day in police custody.The Jews initiated the smear campaign against Šaki? and all the witnesses were false witnesses.A press conference after the show-trial farce was held (no surprise)in the US embassy in Zagreb.I have personally found the names of hundreds of individuals who are on the official list of “victims” in the Jasenovac camp who survived the war in internment camps in Italy and elsewhere,who perished in other places from bombing and other causes or who were simply made up.The key point is that in former communist countries the red ruling elite is still in the saddle.In Croatia the intellectual elite,amongst tens of thousands of other Croats,were exterminated in the largest genocide in the history of southeastern Europe,starting in 1941.I expect that soon Holohoax denial will also be criminalized as in Rumania and Hungary.Putin is behaving like a Jewish shill.The reds in former Srboslavia,amongst other falsifications,murdered tens of thousands and tossed their bodies into rivers,filmed them,and attributed them to Croat nationalists.Recently,in the Huda Jama mine in Slovenia,the bodies of over 800 victims were found in the tunnel leading into the mine,and an estimated at least 2,500 are still unexhumed in the two shafts in the mine.The victims were buried alive when the entrance was sealed with explosives.Some 20 per cent of those murdered were women and girls.This received no mention whatsoever in western media.Another of many examples is the discovery of mass graves which hold the remains of some 4,500 members of the German (Croat)392. Inf. Div, who were massacred as prisoners in 1945 near Zapreši? in Croatia.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      The cost of retaining one’s nation does not matter; it must be done.

      Not only for us, but for our posterity.

      But the modern world says, “Posterity? What is that? Abort them!”

      We have been prepared for the slaughter. But Europa will sustain Her people, just wait and see. It is up to us to be obedient to Her directives and inspirations.

      Tim McGreen . . . RIP, my friend.

    8. fd Says:

      The last 20 years of intellectual racism, i.e., the written word has accomplished little or nothing. Louis Beam’s “Leaderless Resistance” highlights the Committees of Correspondence used in the Revolutionary WAR. An underground pro-White group attacks the establishment with success, motivating other groups to carry out a similar attack with equal results. The solitary man or 10 activists have no reason to communicate. Information is spread by society at large. What works in California can also work in the Carolinas.


    9. fd Says:

      Not so fast. Tim McGreen may be living in accordance with Pan.

      by Lord Dunsany

      “SEEING,” they said, “that old-time Pan is dead, let us now make a tomb for him and a monument, that the dreadful worship of long ago may be remembered and avoided by all.”

      So said the people of the enlightened lands. And they built a white and mighty tomb of marble. Slowly it rose under the hands of the builders and longer every evening after sunset it gleamed with rays of the departed sun.

      And many mourned for Pan while the builders built; many reviled him. Some called the builders to cease and to weep for Pan and others called them to leave no memorial at all of so infamous a god. But the builders built on steadily.

      And one day all was finished, and the tomb stood there like a steep sea-cliff. And Pan was carved thereon with humbled head and the feet of angels pressed upon his neck. And when the tomb was finished the sun had already set, but the afterglow was rosy on the huge bulk of Pan.

      And presently all the enlightened people came, and saw the tomb and remembered Pan who was dead, and all deplored him and his wicked age. But a few wept apart because of the death of Pan.

      But at evening as he stole out of the forest, and slipped like a shadow softly along the hills, Pan saw the tomb and laughed.

      The Tomb of Pan


    10. Antagonistes Says:

      I hope you are right, fd.

      McGreen himself might have started the rumor that it was him who shot up the theatre. Perhaps he wanted to disappear from public view for a while.

      I don’t think McGreen had all those naked women attending him though, as in the painting. But who knows?

    11. Jurgen Says:

      KUDOS TO HUNGARY……for not letting their country be flooded with Terd World brown people, as planned by big kike.

      Hungary has been jewed over enough in their history, and they’ve finally said


    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Anybody want to see that Straight Outta Coontown movie with me?

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      Are you asking me out, “Tim McGreen”?