20 October, 2015

Before They Genocide White People, They’ll Have to Disarm Them

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This writer is correct about one thing: gun ownership and demographics. Gun ownership is very much a White/male thing, and as America becomes less White due to mass immigration and race-mixing, gun rights will become less and less respected and will eventually vanish altogether. (Additionally, the Second Amendment is probably the most important constitutional right, because without it, the other rights of White men cannot be protected).


  • 4 Responses to “Before They Genocide White People, They’ll Have to Disarm Them”

    1. fd Says:

      The Federals know that Texas has the ability to be a formidable base camp to supply White insurrections with guns and war appliances through out the country. And they are looking at ways to block its distribution. West Texas is still wide open with room to ride. The Federals also understand that building a wall on the border will go a long way in locking down the insurrections. The wall will be used against White fighters if it comes down to killing federal agents.

    2. Jurgen Says:

      Oh, so an “inalienable right” is alienable?

      I’d love to see this jew’s face when he comes for my .50 calibre Desert Eagle.
      He’s in a dreamland.

    3. archer Says:

      What a joke, the neeegrows are slaughtering themselves every day, the mexicoons are right behind them and they all favor gun control, who is kidding who. So now we are told that the crime rate has dropped, could it be because there are more “legal” guns on the street than ever before, no one has sold more guns recently than Obumma. If whites give up their firearms there will be no place to hide from the “minorities” that favor gun control.
      Who ever came up with the “gun free zone” idea for schools should have “brain free zone” tattooed on their forehead.

    4. Tim Harris Says:

      I guess I’m just wonderin… after they genocide us, whose gonna provide the electricity and clean water?