8 October, 2015

Shocking Cable Sent by Former, Jewish U.S. Ambassador to France

Posted by Socrates in dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, France, jewed culture, jewed foreign policy, jewed politics, Jewish behavior versus White behavior, Jewish brain features, Jewish genetics, multiculturalism, Muslims, Muslims in Europe, Socrates at 12:41 pm | Permanent Link

The very idea that giving more political power to Brown people in a White country will improve that White country! Just look at the black-is-really-white, down-is-really-up propaganda here (a novel idea for future presidents: nominate White ambassadors, not Jews, to White countries).


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  7. 4 Responses to “Shocking Cable Sent by Former, Jewish U.S. Ambassador to France”

    1. Joe Says:

      Look at the face of that fucking puke Rivkin.

    2. Robert Cardillo Says:

      The nose knows. Look at the honker on this arrogant cunt. The fucking kike.

    3. Ian Says:


    4. Ian Says:

      I can’t find anyway to contact a forum moderator. Whom do I contact to find out why my posts are not showing up? Even posting in the “help forum” doesn’t get answered.