11 November, 2015

Veteran’s Day

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This Veteran’s Day, let us ponder this idea: America could stop creating war veterans by not fighting wars all over the world for the benefit of Israel/the Jews. Good idea, huh?


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    1. fd Says:

      What happened to Armistice Day? It was transformed into Veterans Day to celebrate the militant government at Washington city. Federal Nationalism destroyed statehood which destroyed the local level.

      The leviathan government on the Potomac is preparing to conquer the Milky Way Galaxy.

    2. Big Man Says:

      America didn’t bomb the death camps in Germany during World War II, because there were none.

      If you believe there were some, then they were told not to in order to build a super guilt trip that would give the jews Israel, and reparation payments from Germany; because jews care about money more than there own lives.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Also, because of what America did—delivering large parts of Europe into the hands of the Soviets after WW2—Hitler’s Germany HAD to be made to look demonic! If the truth gets out, it is America who will seem like the worst kind of fool. The truth MUST be prevented from getting out, at all costs! Hitler MUST be made to appear possessed by demons, or someone who liked women to shit on him as he rolled about on the floor, and God knows what else.

      America screwed up big- time in WW2. Everything since then is CYA.

    4. fd Says:

      Hitler threatened the international monetary system which is one of the reasons he was made out to be a monster. The 3d Reich barter system will return.

    5. nom de kwa Says:

      Big ado is made about the raising of old gorey atop Mount Surabachi, when will ever get a monument to the raising of the olde red white blue aboard the USS Libertty? Oh Vey there wasn’t a qualified jew cameraman aboard to capture the scene, he was strafing the Liberty at the time.

    6. nom de kwa Says:

      Imagine Ships miles out at sea could see the flag atop Surabachi, but jews flying over the deck in clear daylight couldn’t make it out. Jew me once, shame on jew, jew me twice, thrice, quadrillion times shame on dubbya

    7. Tina Carter Says:

      Patriotism used to be politically incorrect word — as with everything else it’s was taken over and now means what our over loards say it means…