8 December, 2015

Media, Neocons Are Hysterical as Trump Calls for Ban on Muslim Immigration

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Actually, at least some of the conservative presidential candidates are saying to themselves, “Gee, I wish I could say that about Muslim immigration, too, but if I did, my big Jewish mega-donors would cut off the money supply!” Anyway, Trump is beginning to sound like a White nationalist, even more so than before, so watch the “Western” media and the neocons launch a giant, no-holds-barred campaign to discredit him.

[Article] and [Article].

  • 5 Responses to “Media, Neocons Are Hysterical as Trump Calls for Ban on Muslim Immigration”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Blacks and Muslims are the weapon of choice selected by big jew for the evil task of destroying White men and western civilization.
      It will be very interesting to see how Trump reacts to the vitriol about to be poured over him.

    2. Jürgen Says:


      And to think, DEMOCRAT schmekel-sucker Roosevelt actually rounded up Japanese-Americans and threw them all into prison camps during World War II.

      Yet liberal scum get their noses all in a snit when Trump merely suggests a temporary moratorium on towel-head immigration. Their hypocrisy is rank, and now quite obvious to all.

    3. Mel Brooks Says:

      I’m not so certain that Trump is any more than another dog or pony in the show, but he’s pretty much deflected anything the Demos have thrown at him, and he’s got the RINOCucks pissing their panties. It all reminds me of when the hype around the Sex Pistols was building, and they basically said their whole gig was a, I believe this is how they put it., “A Rock & Roll Swindle”.

      Maybe it IS a swindle, but a swindle might put match to fire.

      2016’s looking to be an interesting year-better stock up on firesticks and bourbon.

    4. Jürgen Says:

      Whatever Trump turns out to be….

      It’s sure nice seeing this shift toward White Nationalism….with millions of Whiteys waking the hell up to all this jewish cultural marxism shit all around them. For once, the kike media is losing its king-making grip. Lovely to watch them panic.

    5. -JC Says:

      Regarding the well-written piece by former Mexican resident, married to a “Mexican,” ostensibly White American Alan Wall, to which you linked, consider: http://nationalvanguard.org/2015/12/the-men-of-the-alamo-2/