1 January, 2016

Poll Says: Trump Supporters Uneducated, or, “Educated Morons” Hate The Donald

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In 2015, it’s a compliment to be called “uneducated.” It means that you haven’t wasted your time in Marxist brainwashing facilities known as “universalistities”, er, uh, “universities.” You can actually think rationally![1]. In fact, I can’t imagine why anyone would attend a university today: go into debt and get a liberal brainwashing at the same time – why would you want to do that?


[1] “educated” people frequently fail in life by over-thinking matters. The answer to a problem can be right in front of their noses but they can’t see it. They are too busy applying Freud or Sartre or Marx to the problem to be able to see the simple solution to it, a.k.a., “they can’t see the forest for the trees”; intellectuals, and college girls of both sexes, are like that (hat tip: Dr. Pierce). Newbies, keep things simple. As Alex might say: “think like John Wayne talks.”

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    1. fd Says:

      The best liars.

      “Keep in mind that there are many people with no degrees and a lack of vast world experiences who are far superior in intellect and knowledge than those holding degrees and titles. It was my experience in college that the best liars were those with the most degrees.” –Louis Beam

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      These same “educated” people don’t believe in spirit communication, either, regardless of all the evidence.

      I just communicated with Tim McGreen. My friend, Thom McQueen, could not make the New Year’s Eve telephone seance. It was supposed to be me, Thom and Tim (via the medium we met in Key West).

      In brief, Tim chided me for not having given my “Samhain offering” to VNN.

      This is absolutely true, and astonishing. How could this be known, if spirit communication is not real?

      He then told me to practice yoga out in my backyard in order to “become more grounded in nature.” The land, he said, would shape me.

      He said that it is the land that makes people. The frozen northlands make a certain kind of person, as does the desert. He said that the desert produces nomads, who are quite dangerous.

      I asked him if the Jews were nomads. He said that they were more like pirates.

      I asked him if Europe was doomed. He said emphatically “No!” This was a tremendous relief. But he said that terrible times were ahead, and were necessary. They are the birth pangs of a new awakening. An awakening that will involve more father-to-son communication, manhood initiation, and racial awareness. He said that Europeans “have been twanging their tallywhackers” and not wanting to have children, and “what the hell did they expect would fill the vacuum?”

      I had to agree.

      Then he told me to tell Thom that “his sheila” Carrie Fisher was not going to be unbalanced by her new film, and, as a part-Jewish person she was actually quite like that guy, some Jewish violinist, who is actually jew-wise and trying to warn us about it. He did say that she had had plastic surgery.

      Tim says that he is now a farmer, with a German wife. He said that he had a problem with women, when he was here. He says that he has to work in the fields ’til he is exhausted, and then the German chick wants to make love all night. Sometimes she will walk about naked on their farm, and even in front of other people that she invites over, in order to arouse him.
      He thinks this is some sort of karmic balance, with gentle instruction, because he killed those people in the movie theater.

      Tim said good luck with my new French-themed body-painting. Again, incredible! No one could know this. No one human, that is.

      Tim thinks that the “four M’s” are what we need to be aware of—–Muslims, motorcycles, machine-guns, and a city whose name starts with the letter “M”.

      This is troubling.

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      Sorry I had to miss it, Ant. M? Melbourne?

      I hope that German sheila makes old Tim young again! But he could of got that at the Fantasy festival in Key West without karking it.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, “good on ya!”

      Your wife, Carrie Fisher, is true, true as rain, according to Tim McGreen, from the SpiritWorld. Rest assured, my friend.

      Thom, you and I have had encounters which “rationality” and modern science cannot explain. These encounters are what the modern world calls, “spiritual.” Could the fact that we are both artists, have something to do with it?

      These encounters are similar to what Arthur Conan Doyle, William James, Oliver Lodge, and many others encountered almost 100 years ago.

      I believe in them. I believe that Tim McGreen is communicating with us from beyond.

      Keep the faith, my Aussie friend.

      I fear that we have now become outcasts. But we must bear witness to the truth!

      See you soon, in Baltimore! I have some new French-themed airbrush images that will make the ladies go . . . ga-ga! Oui!

    5. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, go ahead and tell them about what Tim said about the next president of the US.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      Antagonistes: “Tim, who will be the next president of America?”

      Tim: “Hillary Fucking Clinton.”

      Antagonistes: “Could you elaborate?”

      Tim: “She becomes president and it is all over. THEY know that, and floods
      of money are pouring in. Trump will end up like the father of the Little
      Mermaid after he was cursed by the witch—he will be a shriveled
      stump of what he once was.

      “THEY already have about 10 schemes to rig the election. They also
      will not hesitate to provoke nation-wide violence.

      “Ant, America is becoming a shit-hole. After Hillary, America will be
      the number one exporter of the Kali Yuga. Look to Europe . . . the
      dawn breaks in Europe!”

      Thom, I did not want to tell this, for some reason. It is depressing. But better to get it out there.

      Tim also said that EVERYONE must remember this message. By this coming true in November, they will know the truth of spiritualism.