3 January, 2016

Two Things on Globalism/the NWO

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1. Globaloney: Globalism Wrecks Nations and It Must Stop

Globalism (here meaning the practice of a country, or countries, acting internationally instead of locally or regionally [i.e., acting politically, militarily or economically]) is very harmful to the world’s unique cultures. Indeed, it ruins the world’s cultures. Slowly but surely, globalism will make the world into a single, giant culture (which some people have called “Brown Man”). Globalism is a necessary part of the New World Order agenda, for how can you remake the world by acting locally or regionally? (In fact, without globalism, there cannot be a New World Order).

The world’s cultures have traditions, values and folkways that date back centuries. But with globalism, those traditions, values and folkways are curtailed, stunted or wiped out altogether.

Globalism is unnatural. It’s not normal for country “x” to meddle in the affairs of other countries half-way around the world. It’s freaky and it’s just plain wrong – even George Washington said so [1]. Globalism contaminates all societies like a foreign virus. It alters and changes those societies, and never for the better.

The world must return to what is frequently – but wrongly – called “isolationism.” That doesn’t mean that the world’s countries cannot talk to each other or trade with each other, but the talking and the trading should be very limited. Each country in the world must be sovereign and autonomous, and each country in the world must be in complete control of its own culture and its own affairs (contrast that idea to neoconservatism, which seeks to use America to remake the world, sovereignty and autonomy be damned. By the way, my Political Science teacher, a former mayor, taught me that every country in the world has “natural sovereignty”).

Of course, who are the kings of globalism? The Jews. Henry Ford correctly named his book “The International Jew.”

[1] in his farewell speech, George Washington said that America should avoid foreign entanglements

2. World’s Nationalists Banding Together to Fight Globalism/the NWO: [VNN Forum]. (This is a much different kind of globalism).

  • 4 Responses to “Two Things on Globalism/the NWO”

    1. Socrates Says:

      For some unknown reason, the latest posts are marked “2015” instead of 2016.

    2. fd Says:

      Marked 2015? Paranormal activity! “By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.” Or, maybe it’s a good sign.

      The West is perverted by central despotism. These leviathan governments are pushing for globalism. The massive corporations prefer total consolidation. The workers can be bought and sold like shares of stock. Livestock / human-stock–what’s the diff?

    3. Thomas Says:

      Globalism is unnatural and it’s a bunch of commie rubbish.

      These people who waive the UN flag and preach globalism are either duped or dishonest.

      Blood and soil will prevail.

    4. J├╝rgen Says:

      Ok all you lil goyim slaves, sing along with Disney now….

      “A whole J-E-W worrrrld!
      A new fantastic point of viewwwww
      No one to tell us no, or where to go….