25 February, 2016

Ronald Reagan Was a Conservative?

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Seen on the TV: media anchormen wondering aloud what Ronald Reagan would think of “today’s Republican Party” (an obvious reference to Donald Trump). Ah, yes, there it is again: Reagan-as-the-godfather-of-conservatism! But it’s all bullshit. Reagan wasn’t really a conservative. He legalized 3 million illegal Mexicans in 1986 [1]. How are you a “conservative” if you legalize 3 million invaders? (The actual number of illegals that were legalized by Reagan ended up being far higher than 3 million, since America has a “chain immigration” law which favors the immigrants’ relatives; the actual number was probably 15 million).

[1] the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act

  • 2 Responses to “Ronald Reagan Was a Conservative?”

    1. rigor mortis Says:

      Ronnie Raygun was a democrat, in fact he not only a lot an invasion of Messicans into the country, he also found enough stupid Whites to vet these invaders… this is what you have to watch about these all American boys.

    2. Luke Says:

      I voted for Reagan twice, since the alternative in both elections was so repugnant that there wasn’t any other options – aside from not voting at all.

      But, I have never understood this “Reagan Worship” that the R side of the political spectrum seems to be so obsessed with. It is always a major mistake to fall in love with any politician – or political party. None of these modern day politicians can ever be trusted – since every one of them is, in one way or another, compromised & corrupted by their associations with the jews via intermarriage or by their subservience to jewish money.

      I will probably vote for Trump in November 2016, but I am not doing so because I worship the guy. In fact, I fully expect him to renege on a lot of the promises he is making on the campaign trail – and effectively piss off a majority of the Whites who wind up voting for him, which is what Reagan did during his second term of office.

      And, here another thing to consider about Trump: He is 69 years old. He will be 70 years old this June 14th, which means – he would be 74 by the end of his first term of office, and 78 if he gets reelected and serves a full 8 years. And, that is assuming he would be healthy enough and even interested in running for reelection – which at this point is not automatically certain. This means that whoever Trump chooses for his VP will be very critical to the future of Whites in America. If he pulls a Buchanan and grabs a minority – a black, or a female, or a mestizo – then whatever “good” Trump manages to do during his time in office that benefits Whites – can be guaranteed to be undone and reversed once and if his VP moves up and becomes President. ]

      Trump’s people have already stated that their VP pick will probably be an ‘insider – meaning, someone from the ‘establishment’ that the vast and overwhelming majority of the GOP’s white base already despise and loath with a vehement passion. Incredibly, I’ve seen some people in the pro-White, pro-Trump community float the name of John Kasich – as who they think Trump should select as his running mate. Kasich is one of the most virulently anti-White, self-hating, self-loathing, white guilt ridden, Social Justice Warrior slabs of greasy manure in the entire cesspool of cuckservative slime in the entire nation.

      This guy Kasich visibly demonstrates that he HATES the white skin he was mistakenly born into and never misses an opportunity to spew the most venomous, rancid and pathologically insane bile at any White man or woman who dares to utter a single word of pro-White sentiment or who suggests that Whites have perfectly legitimate, racially specific interests – and there are supposedly pro-White people in our community who think this asshole would be a good VP pick for Trump?

      When I read shit like this being posted on pro-White websites, I can’t help but wonder if those websites are actually financed and being run by jews and are nothing more than controlled opposition operations.

      BTW: If anyone wants a dose of how anti-White John Kasich is, I suggest that they visit youtube and look for that video of him interviewing Matt Hale back when Kasich was working as a mainstream media mouthpiece and carrying water for the jews.