22 April, 2016

The Media and Prince’s Death

Posted by Socrates in "gender", media, media criticism, Minnesota, multiculturalism, music, pop culture, Prince, Socrates at 3:26 pm | Permanent Link

The way the media is carrying on about Prince, you’d think that Elvis, Johnny Cash and John Lennon had all died in that elevator in Minnesota. One of the reasons for the media’s worship of Prince is that he was not White. Another reason could be that he was, according to his symbol, genderless (although granted, some people have said that Prince adopted his symbol only to anger his record company; regardless, it is an odd symbol for a man to choose. Why include the female symbol?).

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  7. 4 Responses to “The Media and Prince’s Death”

    1. fd Says:

      I agree that excessive praise by the media is largely because Prince was a non-White artist. Using Prince to promote non-White propaganda is in poor taste. As a White citizen of the South, I see no profit in criticizing the artistic skills of. Prince. It’s the media that repulses me.

    2. Non Ame Says:

      I never really was too much of a fan of Prince or his music. He had talent, but like Michael Jackson, he was just way too weird. He reminded me of a perverted dwarf that fell into a vat of pubic hair.

      It’s just as well the media should spend all this airtime on Prince. They certainly aren’t going to use any airtime to tell us about the endemic Black on White crime or the Jews and their manipulations of the financial and political systems, instead.

    3. Joe Says:

      The worship of a mediocre mulatto musician is par for the decadent course these days. At the same time the media is pouring endless accolades upon Princess, they laud the ugly fact that our currency is soon to be defaced by equally mediocre non-white rabble-rousers from our past. Not surprising is that Jack Lew the jew is the creature in charge of this denigration. How low will we allow our kind to sink -letting these destroyers lord over us? Utterly disgusting.

    4. White Winger Says:

      Like Michael Jackson before him / her(?), his mindsets regard sex,women, nature, and especially, religion and politics, were totally twisted ,immature,and childish and totally wrong, all fused and filtered thru that Bizarro nigger brain, thru that mix of minus 70 IQ and nigger-emtionalism .

      Just wait for the big tribute . As with MJ’s tribute , every nigger racist will be there, screeching their anti-White bullshit, and Whites galore, verbal diarrhea-fawning.

      WHAT “Racism”?
      WHAT “White privilege”?
      WHAT “Double Standard”?