31 May, 2016

American Universities Are Lost to History

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Jews and liberals cannot build and nurture civilizations, they can only tear them down. They can only nation-wreck. They don’t have the mental equipment to nation-build and nation-manage. They’re like an 8-year-old with the keys to mommy’s Cadillac: they might start the car but they’ll soon crash it. (By the way, it’s not a coincidence that Jews built the political Left in America). There should be a federal law prohibiting Jews and leftists from occupying positions of power and/or influence in the government, in the media, in the schools and in the entertainment industry.


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  7. 2 Responses to “American Universities Are Lost to History”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      This woman needs someone to truly love her and crack a fat. . . sad, really.

      Women gone sour——meaner than crocs.

    2. fd Says:

      Thom McQueen, I’m wearing a pair of CROCS that I bought at Academy.

      Brick and mortar universities may be going the way of the dinosaur.

      The miserable welfare state of Israel is strict proof that Jews cannot build civilization.