28 May, 2016

Fascism: What is It?

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“He goes so far as to argue that Nazism, while containing elements of fascism, is not entitled to be regarded—as it always is regarded—as a species of fascism proper, much less as the quintessential expression of fascism.”

Hitler said that Nazism was not Fascism. He probably said that because Mussolini’s fascism wasn’t racial, while Nazism was. Anyway, as someone once pointed out, fascism assumes different forms in different countries. Sometimes it even has more than one leader (e.g., the 3-man military junta that ruled Argentina circa 1978). Sometimes it’s even Christian (e.g., Spain under Franco). To my mind, fascism is right-wing socialism run by a dictator(s). That describes a lot of countries, including Hitler’s Germany, Italy under Mussolini, Portugal under Salazar, Spain under Franco, Vichy France under Petain, Cuba under Batista, Chile under Pinochet, etc.


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