1 May, 2016

The Nation-State is Natural and Normal (and Very Necessary for All Humans)

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There is only one race that isn’t “allowed” to have nation-states today: the White race. Why is that? Brown and Black people can have nation-states (e.g., Nicaragua, Zimbabwe). So can Asians (e.g., South Korea). What’s left of the White nation-states is being quickly polluted with non-White immigrants, and if White states dare to object to that polluting, they are vilified and penalized with political and economic sanctions from the EU, the UN and other global outfits (in fact, in many formerly-majority-White countries, like France, it is illegal to complain about non-White immigration, i.e., not only is your country being ruined, but you can’t complain about it!) [1][2].


[1] A great quote from the late White nationalist Dominique Venner: “Even when they don’t know it, individuals and peoples have a vital need for roots, for their own traditions and civilization, that is to say for reassuring continuities, rites, internalized order, and spirituality”

[2] newbies, a “nation” is not a country per se. It is not geographical. It is a group of people who are alike, e.g., the Swedes, the Spaniards or the Japanese

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