14 June, 2016

Creating a White Future

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by Robert S. Griffin.


“The lesson in this is that there are contemporary issues affecting white people, including the massive immigration into our lands by low-skilled, culturally dissident, and cognitively limited non-white people; Middle East-obsessed interventionist foreign policies that do not serve white interests; the denial of freedom of expression and association to whites; racial discrimination against whites in school admissions, grants and contracts, and employment; economic redistribution policies that disfavor whites; attacks against the European, white, heritage, including Christianity; the denigration, dilution, and replacement of traditional white social and cultural patterns; anti-white thought management practices in schools and the media; and the virtual absence of explicit white racial consciousness and commitment, organization, and collective action. How these issues will be resolved is up for grabs. Their resolution depends on what white people now alive do, which some day will be in the past tense, did. That’s my point.”


  • 3 Responses to “Creating a White Future”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      A very moving article, almost despairingly sad. I wouldn’t be so depressed if there were some actual fighting going on, but there is nothing, absolutely no physical and manly resistance to our dispossession and eventual extinction.
      As Dr Pierce said, ‘storm, break loose’.

    2. KNigger hater Says:

      We need to kill the nigwhores and MexiSluts. Fuck niggers. White power.

    3. Concerned Southerner Says:

      We must do something as white individuals. We need to set an example for the non-whites that reminds them who in in charge. I say we start up the lynch mobs again and do away with the niggers.