26 June, 2016

How Globalism and Communism are Similar

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I once called globalism “Marxism with a briefcase.” Let’s see how accurate that statement is:

— Both globalism and communism are international movements with disproportionate Jewish involvement (in communism’s case, it was invented and spread by Jews) [1].

— Both wage war on White Western culture, although in different ways

— Both destroy nations and sovereignty (e.g., Rhodesia, White South Africa, the Old White U.S.A. and Kosovo/Serbia. The 1999 NATO air attack on Serbia was produced by Jews in the Clinton administration)

— Both are “equalizing” or “leveling” movements

— Both have the eventual goal of One World, One People

— Both have the eventual goal of a few elites making all the rules for the citizens to follow

— Under both, the people receive marching orders from across the world (i.e., communism’s base was the Soviet Union, while globalism has several bases, most significantly Brussels, Belgium [the EU and NATO are there], New York City [the UN and half of the Jews in the world are there] and Washington, D.C. [as the leader of the Western world, Washington plays a vital role in globalization])

— Both produce a type of “world slavery” while at the same time promising the people prosperity and happiness

[1] the word “globalism” is used here to describe international trade/commerce, international government and also pre-planned international human migration, e.g., Middle Eastern “refugees” settling in Europe and America

  • 4 Responses to “How Globalism and Communism are Similar”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      And Whites are waking up all over the place,
      throwing off this sick, jewish ideology.

      The hebes raised the temperature of the water
      much too quickly, and the frog has jumped out.

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Agreed. Both with the article, and with Jurgen.

      But also—-christianity, communism and globalism have this holy aura.

      They give their followers a feeling of holiness. A “feeling.”

      And it is as cheap as the games in the penny arcade.

      Holiness (wholeness), solidness, grounded-ness — whatever you want to call it — must be earned by living, by getting into the fracas, by striving.

      It is not achieved merely by “believing.”

    3. Spahnranch69 Says:

      Capitalism is when one group exploits another; Communism is rhe reverse.

    4. ChrisCros Says:

      I agree with the article! Actually:

      Communism is Capitalism on steroids and Globalism is Communism 2.0

      Under communism people own even less, and the ruling group is much smaller and have infinite dictatorial power which they use to enrich themselves.

      And no wonder. Communism was invented by the same international moneylenders that thrive under capitalism. Karl Marx, who was a jew, moved to and lived in City of London where he got salary from jewish bankers for writing. Same thing with Lenin and Trotskij, but they lived in other places. Trotskij was riding around New York in jewish Jacob schiffs limousine with private chauffeur, then left with 10’000 jiddish speaking trained killers for the 1917 coup in Russia. Check it out: