23 July, 2016

Regular People vs. Media People: Same Planet, Different Worlds

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What an incredible statement from the NY Times: under Donald Trump’s leadership, the American dream would be reserved “primarily” for Americans. A shocker, itz! The American dream wouldn’t be reserved for Vietnamese or Chinese or Guatemalans or Kenyans! Scandalous! What would America’s White founders think? (Newbies, if America was supposed to be a racial “melting pot,” why was every single one of America’s 118 founders White? There were no Blacks, no Browns, no Asians, no Indians. Think about it).


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    1. Luke Says:

      If anyone is interested in what kind of minority arrogance and sense of entitlement we are up against, surf over to AmRen’s website and watch that video from a few days ago – where this arrogant black racist named Roland Martin was debating Richard Spencer.

      These non-whites who the jews have allowed to flood into the USA by the millions, in direct defiance of the wishes of the White majority Founding stock of this nation really do have this ‘attitude’ that Whitey is required to step aside and not resist their desire to take over this nation. It’s ‘their turn’, so Whitey should just shut up and submit.