29 July, 2016

The Queer Revolution is Steamrolling Over America…

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..and no one can stop it since America is a “democracy” full of idiots and crooked politicians. Make no mistake: this “queer thing” isn’t an evolution (i.e., a society evolving slowly and naturally). This is a revolution (i.e., a society being changed very quickly and very deliberately by certain people who have a sick agenda).


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    1. Luke Says:

      Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance website – has adopted a policy of not approving any comments that are the tiniest bit critical of the homosexual agenda. In fact, over the last year or two – I have noticed that criticisms of homo freaks has apparently moved to the top of the list of topics that Taylor’s gang will not permit – while, a the same time, there seems to be a slight relaxing of the censoring of comments that are critical of jews.

      Also, I was listening to the Political Cesspool radio show archive which was done at the GOP convention – and James Edwards actually did an interview with the flaming jew homosexual Milo Yiannopoulous, who the jews seem to be grooming as their designated mole within the ‘alt-right’.

      Edwards did make an effort to offer a disclaimer, before playing his recorded interview with Milo – by saying he didn’t agree at all with Milo’s sexually degenerate lifestyle or behavior, but then, he still went ahead and interviewed him anyway.

      I bailed out on the archive at that point and refused to listen to anything Milo had to say. That James Edwards or Jared Taylor would think that a flaming, disgusting, effeminate acting, depraved sexual degenerate who boasts about how he likes to get buggered in the butt by black guys has anything worthwhile to say or offer to the pro-White European survival movement and community, that both of these guys claim to support, is a pretty peculiar mystery to ponder.

    2. J├╝rgen Says:



    3. CW-2 Says:

      Nature will have the last laugh. If fags think AIDS was bad, they won’t know what hit them when the next disease arrives, engendered and nurtured by their degenerate lives. In the meantime fags forget that penicillin is the thin life-line saving them from debilitation and madness.