18 July, 2016

The Vietnam War

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Seen on the TV: a documentary about the Vietnam War [1], a war which America lost after years of half-assed combat [2]. Newbies, did you know that the American “game plan” for the Vietnam War was designed by a Jew named Walt Rostow? The plan was known as the “Rostow Thesis.”

[1] the documentary was called “Vietnam in HD”

[2] America did not fight the Vietnam War tooth-and-nail, i.e., America “pulled its punches.” Had America bombed the crap out of (the city of) Hanoi early on in the war (circa 1967), America would have won the war. America did not bomb Hanoi until 1972. There’s an old saying: “never fight a war half-way”

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  7. 4 Responses to “The Vietnam War”

    1. Mark Says:

      Actually, the deliberate destruction of Emperor Bao Dai and the installation of the corrupt Diem led to the destruction of the indigenous and far more fierce and effective anti-communist groups in Vietnam.

      Hence, the people of Vietnam did not need the Americans (who at the same time, allowed Castro to remain in power) to fight the communist Vietcong.

      For an excellent analysis of the Vietnam War see https://archive.org/details/BerrierHilaireDuBackgroundToBetrayalTheTragedyOfVietnam.

    2. fd Says:

      Vietnam war was a reckless adventure by the phony government on the Potomac.


    3. Joe Says:

      There is a jew or a cabal of them at the bottom of every vile thing or occurrence on this earth.

    4. archer Says:

      Great letter, I served one tour there, wasn’t there long to realize the whole mess was a waste of lives, and billions of dollars. There was a saying inscribed on some zippos that said.
      We are the unwilling
      led by the unqualified
      to do the impossible
      for the ungrateful
      That about sums it up.