21 August, 2016

Brazil: What America Can Look Forward To Becoming, Thanks to Immigration and Multiculturalism

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Brazil: a multicultural “casserole” of Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, Whites and every other race. Brazil is full of crime, corruption, incompetence, poverty, disease, filthy beaches, filthy water, to name a few bad features. (Brazil had 7 years to prepare to host the 2016 Olympic Games, but it was still very unprepared – so much so that it had no anti-algae chemicals to prevent the Olympic diving pool from turning green from algae). Brazil is a great example of why race matters.

  • 2 Responses to “Brazil: What America Can Look Forward To Becoming, Thanks to Immigration and Multiculturalism”

    1. Luke Says:

      I wonder what the guns laws are like in Brazil? The crime rates being astronomical, and based on the predictable double standard mindset of the typical ruling elites – something tells me that they have set things up where they can own firearms, but not the average guy or woman on the street.

      One thing is for absolute certain, with regards to Whites in America. If and when the jews and their cuck allies in the establishment succeed in reducing Whites to a minority – one of the very first things the mud colored ruling majority will do is to abolish the Second Amendment and disarm law abiding White men and women. After they do that, then the ethnic cleansing of Whites will kick off and things are going to get very bloody very fast.

      Thus, I suggest that every racially healthy White man or woman start to make a list of Whites they know who voted for Obongo – and keep those lists in a safe place, because they will be useful when the day of reckoning arrives.

    2. Emily Says:

      One thing I noticed about said Olympics: The Brazilian, British, and US teams were a racial mish mash of people whom half of the time you couldn’t determine what race they belonged to. No ethnic identity to associate with their home country– unlike of course China where it’s clearly a racially monolithic group of people (although I noticed their move toward one-worldness via their costuming-no longer the red with the yellow star, but in gymnastics they were wearing a variety of stuff that made ‘which kind of Asian’ they were hard to determine until it was written on the screen.

      So most of these countries seemed to find it necessary to prove in some way what a ‘rainbow’ they were.