15 September, 2016

Feminism: Like Sunlight, It’s Everywhere. You Can’t Escape It

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Saaaay, now here’s something to celebrate: America being completely overtaken by feminism. In 1965, few women were in positions of leadership in America. Now, women control at least half of all the institutions in the U.S. That’s not good for several reasons. Women have weak, “appeasing” leadership styles. As a result, women aren’t “leaders” in the normal sense of the word. They can’t “rally the troops” like men can. Women try to please everybody, leaving nobody completely satisfied because every “solution” to a problem is a wishy-washy compromise (sort of like when Democrats and Republicans “work together” to pass a worthless and unenforceable law). Women bosses feel insulted even if no insult occurred. They are emotional and fickle, changing their minds too often and looking to others for approval and guidance (that’s not leadership) [1]. Men “think big.” Women “think small.” Employees are more likely to respect and follow male bosses. Furthermore, the White race cannot continue if women are having careers instead of having kids.


[1] female bosses put too much emphasis on whether or not a person is “nice.” A female boss will hire you if you’re nice, even if you aren’t the most qualified person for the job

  • 4 Responses to “Feminism: Like Sunlight, It’s Everywhere. You Can’t Escape It”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      Women are ankle-biters, upset because they have two clackers.

      That is why they are agro, always agro.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom , I myself have said that the whole feminine anger thing is because they have two assholes—one in the front; one in the back. And they equate the two.
      Slimy, stinking things come out of both.

      This leads to shame, which leads to resentment of males, which leads to anger against males.

      Their front asshole is redeemed only by having babies. In this way, they deliver something of eternal value to their husand, and themselves. A living future comes out of their front asshole, instead of blood and mucous. In this way, they are redeemed and can see where they stand in the whole scheme of things. They start to think, “Yes! I am valuable! I can make babies! That is what all this menstrual shit was about!”

      I am talking quite frankly here. Don’t mean to offend the ladies. In the same way, a man’s penis is seen for what it is when he impregnates a woman—-it is not meat to be fapped in the bathroom, or in the body-meat of a willing bimbo, but a holy instrument of our race’s future survival.

      And speaking of lesbo-dyke bitches, has anyone noticed that Hillary’s eyes are too far apart? There should be the distance of one eye, from corner to corner, between the eyes. She has much more.

      This has been seen, traditionally, as a sign of mental weirdness.

      Thom, welcome back from your walkabout! I hope that you received some answers from the Universal Consciousness, or whatever the hell. Fantasyfest is coming! Practice, my friend, with your airbrush! You will get more answers from airbrushing the naked asses of women than you will get from your walkabout! Ha!

    3. fd Says:

      The Texas A&M girls are celebrating their leadership schools. In times of strife, they would emotionally fall apart. Prejudice and passion against the White man has given the A&M females an artificial lift.

      After the 4 years war, Jefferson Davis turned down the opportunity to become the first president of A&M.

      Sage-Femme (wise woman). For centuries, communities received care from midwives who were also skilled in home remedies for wellness. Reproduction and natural cures didn’t require thousands of dollars. Modern day midwifery is probably as criminal as the medical industry.

    4. fd Says:

      correction in first sentence above: “leadership skills”