19 November, 2016

After 175 Years, How Much Longer Will Whites Tolerate Jewish Communism in the White Countries?

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(Above: the Jew, Georg Lukacs)

— Marxism, a.k.a Communism: a Jewish ideology founded by Karl Marx in the mid-1800s; Marxism was an attack on White Western culture that was cleverly disguised as a poor man’s weapon against rich oppressors; it was really a Jewish weapon against White people (i.e., White men); how could Marx know that communism wouldn’t spread to England as he had planned (although now it has; see below)?

— Cultural Marxism, a.k.a. Political Correctness: a branch of Marxism, and also Jewish-founded, and almost the same thing, but with the focus changed from economics to culture; “human equality” is the stated/claimed central tenet of Cultural Marxism [1]; the aim of Cultural Marxism is the same as regular Marxism: to destroy White, Western, male culture [2]. Amazingly, Cultural Marxism has gone largely unopposed in the White countries – indeed, it has been very successful and has been supported by both the mainstream political Left and the mainstream political Right. Due to the extremely destructive nature of both Marxism and Cultural Marxism, they should be prohibited by law in all of the White countries, with lengthy prison sentences awaiting those who dare to practice them. Communism is a proven nation-destroyer (look at Cuba), so why is communist thought and speech allowed in the White countries? Think about it. Why aren’t people thrown into prison for practicing it? Maybe Donald Trump’s new Attorney General (Mr. Sessions) can address that matter in 2017.


[1] which is funny when you consider it, because there’s no such thing as human equality, it’s literally an impossibility

[2] Cultural Marxism was pioneered by the Jew, Georg Lukacs, and the Jews at the Frankfurt School

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  7. 6 Responses to “After 175 Years, How Much Longer Will Whites Tolerate Jewish Communism in the White Countries?”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      The pic of Lukacs says it all, a strutting, ugly arrogant kike.

    2. Robert Ford Says:

      All I have to do is look at one of these ugly cunts and it is truly looking at the face of evil in “human” form. What a disgusting race of people.

    3. fd Says:

      While General Patton was military Governor of Germany, Ike the kike pressed him to visit a Rabbi at a Synagogue. Patton said the stench of the Rabbi was so repulsive that he recalled the smell later that day and threw up.

    4. I.C. Dindus Says:

      Jewish? Communism? But you repeat yourself, sir.

    5. Tina Carter Says:

      As long as our white brother and sister are willing poison their mind with Jewish Control media and entertainment industry.


    6. The Red Skull Says:

      This should be standard reading in the New Reich.
      And “They” wonder why most societies hate their guts!