1 January, 2017

Further Into the Toilet America Goes

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Why are women fighting in a ring, like boxers? Is this entertainment? In fact, one could argue that American women aren’t even women anymore. They’re now short men with tits.


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    1. Luke Says:

      I guess I must be getting old, but it seems to me that this whole trend towards trying to pretend that Women are ferocious fighters and physical bad asses seems, in my recollection, to have started back in 1965 with that comical TV show ‘Honey West’. It starred Anne Francis in the lead Honey West private detective role – and, as a kid, I could remember how stupid and ridiculous the show was when it would show this 120lb female taking on half a dozen big burly bad guys and she’d be using karate and jew-jitsu and all sorts of other martial arts bullshit on them and she’d always kick every one of these guy’s asses. And, the chick would never break a fingernail or drop a bead of sweat in the process.

      It’s my gut feeling that a lot of today’s adult women have grown up being fed a steady jew media diet of this kind of nonsense and as a result, a percentage of them (like this Rousey woman) got the idea in their heads that they should get into professional fighting. I saw the 48 second clip of this fight – and noticed that Rousey’s opponent was a negress who probably has more male testosterone in her body than every male member of the Bush family combined.

      I’d call this just one more of the seemingly endless number of negative consequences that go along with letting the jews own and control our mainstream media.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      In addition, Luke, it seems to be a form of pornography.

      Looks like it; smells like it.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      From what I understand, this was also pretty common in Weimar.

    4. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      Anglin’s “Purity Tests” over at the Daily Stormer blames the Boomer generation for the overwhelming White race mixers of his generation and all problems thereof.

      He wrote: “Again, the reason we are fighting is because the boomer generation handed over to us a world which is virtually uninhabitable.” Such a sterile, empty statement doesn’t pass the laugh test.

      Let’s look at the Boomer resume: Race mixing was nil, not even worth mentioning. The body-bags were coming home 100 a week from Vietnam. The Federals reinvaded the Southern states destroying our White establishments including schools and universities, forcing a race war on teenage Boomers. From Kentucky to Texas and all in between, we were fighting it out in the halls, restrooms, cafeteria, showers, football games, wherever. The town I’m from outside of Houston organized ‘nigger hunts’ in 1970: “You aint bad – you aint cool – get them niggers out of our school.”

      George H., was the last WW2 president (1989 – 1993). That generation controlled the 1960s and ’70s.

      So the Daily Stormer is the premier establishment Federal / Republican website.

    5. Luke Says:

      I read that Daily Stormer condemnation of a ‘purity test’ by Anglin, and was initially highly suspicious of it – but, after finishing it, found myself to be a notch or two slightly less suspicious. The key word here is ‘slightly’.

      BTW: I was listening to the Political Cesspool show from 12/31/16 today and I encourage everyone who occasionally listens to that show to zoom in on hour 3 and listen to what sort of mentally insane, unbelievably naive and downright STUPID bullshit that Keith Alexander uttered towards the last 10 minutes or so of hour 3. I had previously thought highly of this guy and had some sense that he was ‘jew wise’ to the approximate same degree as your average VNN reader – but, in that diatribe of his – he showed himself to be an absolutely clueless rube with regards to the 2,000 year long war that jews have been waging on White Europeans.

      This guy seems to think – and claim that he is ecstatic – over Obama and Kerry pissing off the jews over their refusal to veto the recent UN resolution that condemned the on-going jew thievery of territory of the dwindling percentage of land that the UN granted to the Palestinians. Keith Alexander said he welcomed this riff, because he thinks it will suddenly transform the millions of diabolically evil, virulently anti-White jews here in America into loyal Trump supporters and that these jews will miraculously ‘see the light’ and start supporting White American race realists.

      Jeezus H. F’ing Christ! The fact of the matter is that jews, regardless of whether they are hard core liberals or neo-cons or phony kwanservatives – jews are 100 percent in agreement on one issue and that issue is their tribal agenda to complete their White Genocide Agenda. It makes ZERO difference, Keith Alexander – that Obama and Kerry pissed on them in this lame and pathetically impotent fashion on their way out the door.

      This is the kind mentally insane, delusional, bible-thumping based naivete baloney that has convinced me that donating money to the Political Cesspool radio show is a complete and total waste of money. Whites are NEVER going to be able to recruit jews to the pro-White racial survival movement and the reason is simple: jews hate the White race, and it makes no difference whether these jews are D’s or R’s or some other political party in between – their hatred for the White race is their most passionate and permanently ingrained ideology.

      Keith Alexander says that his only problem with jews is that they are almost always ‘liberals’. Well, you are dead wrong if you share that attitude. Political persuasion is irrelevant when it comes down to jewish hatred of White Europeans.

    6. Socrates Says:

      No White movement will succeed with Jews in it, since they are not biologically/genetically White. Having White skin does not make you White. I once knew a mulatto who looked White, but her mother was a negro.

    7. fd Says:

      My post was blocked by the filter.