5 January, 2017

The 2003 Invasion of Iraq Was a War Crime, Done on Behalf of Israel

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The Iraq War was a crime [1], and even worse than that, it destabilized the entire Middle East. The people who engineered the Iraq War should be in prison [2].



[1] at one point in the Iraq War (April 2003), U.S. troops dropped giant bombs on a neighborhood in Baghdad, where they believed Saddam Hussein was meeting with Iraqi officials. (He wasn’t there. Surprise!). No doubt many civilians were killed by the bombs

[2] the war was a crime for at least two reasons: false testimony, before Congress, was given in order to create the war, and, military force was used against civilians. The war was instigated by Jews in order to safeguard Israel, which feared that Saddam would, at some point, use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against Israel

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