2 March, 2017

“What is Race?”

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Can you believe that Western culture has reached the point where people ask “What is race?” Race is real. It’s genetic. It’s the human group that you belong to: White, Black, Asian, etc.[1]. Your race is your nation. Unless you are of mixed race. Then you’re just confused: you don’t know which group you belong to (it must be a bummer being a mulatto).


[1] Race is “the generic name commonly used to refer to the genetically different populations, branches or divisions of humanity” — Richard McCulloch. A nation is a group of people who are racially and culturally alike. There are also sub-races. In the Western countries, Jews (e.g., Franz Boas, Stephen Jay Gould) have led the movement which says that race doesn’t exist and/or is culturally unimportant

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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      Bill Nye really got me when he said that people were like dogs-“you mix two ‘breeds’ of dog, you just get a dog” he said.

      Um, Bill…a rottweiller and a chihuahua–rottahauhua–is going to turn out really, really weird/bad.

      Breeds matter, as any dog owner can attest to. Totally different in intelligence and temperament from one breed to the next. Same with people.

      Further gets me that people will say he is ‘stupid’–when really it’s worse than that-he’s deliberately lying. He had to know better, as any White person with a working set of eyes and other evaluation tools (brain, ears, feeling bad ‘vibes’) knows. It is not rocket science, to observe these very obvious differences, and their importance.

    2. fd Says:

      Socrates, you haven’t did a — post whatever — in a long time.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Oh, open thread? Okay, will do.

    4. Los_Tercios Says:

      Science has said that the races there are also human beings.

      Believing people should admit, that God is racist.

    5. Bessie May Mucho Says:

      Race is something leftists claim doesn’t exist, while at the same time talking about it endlessly.