9 April, 2017

Food For Thought: Ten Ways to Save the White Western Countries

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The White Western governments should:

1. Expel all non-Whites (that includes Jews, who are not genetically White)

2. Close and secure all the borders (certain types of commerce and trade could be exempted from the closures)

3. Practice eugenics and discourage dysgenics (low-IQ people should be discouraged or prevented from breeding)

4. Ban leftist and Marxist ideas from being practiced or advocated

5. Ban feminist ideas from being practiced or advocated

6. Ban pro-homosexual propaganda, and ban homosexuals from adopting children

7. Ban wars and acts of aggression against other countries unless absolutely, vitally necessary – in other words, practice “isolationist” foreign policies

8. Restrict voting and political-office-holding to males only

9. Discourage women from working outside of the home

10. Ban for-profit banking (create government-run, not-for-profit, taxpayer-funded banks which operate only as a public service).

  • 8 Responses to “Food For Thought: Ten Ways to Save the White Western Countries”

    1. Luke Says:

      One more item needs to be added to the list.

      What shall we do to or with the White race traitorous cucks?

      Frankly, the older I get and the more of these kinds of despicable and race treasonous sonsabitches I see and/or encounter – the deeper my hatred for them gets. I think I now have a more passionate hatred for White cucks than I do for our #1 enemy, who’s bidding these cucks so eagerly do.

    2. fd Says:

      Add to that: decentralized authority — no direct income tax — no hardcopy megalomaniac compacts that breed endless laws — regulations are healthier and more stable — no fancy government buildings — if there is no harm to person or property, the peace officers can mind their own business.

    3. Tina Carter Says:

      We’re well past saving mantra. The fact many white brother & sister looked the other Trump Jewish family connection speak volumes of our failure

      Said it million times guys, millions times Trump entire family is run by Jews!!!!!!!!!

      Virtually every single “nationalist” movement is taken over by Jews. Le Pen, British Nationalist, Greece, list goes on and on…

      Even take our American deranged nationalist Michael Hoffman a professional loon who believes Trump was a prophet to save his daughter “vagina” (his own words cause his daughter is dating bi-sexual grecian boyfriend!), and later insane fight with Israel Shamir.

      PS: Did you know this amazing nazi sympathizer encourage us to chew raw liver to save our white semens!! Go to his site if you don’t believe me…

      Oh let’s not forget David Duke idiotic promotion of Trump.

      Professional Oliver, Dr. Pierce and many other have pointed failure of democracy picking leaders & supporting democracy under jewish contorl media is path to a suicide.

    4. Socrates Says:

      As noted elsewhere, Tina, the time is not right for fascism. Too many people would reject it immediately without even thinking about it.

    5. Tina Carter Says:

      @Socrates Brother what do you call present system where Jewish values & their control of media and entertainment industry is denied, if pointed out person is persecuted & and even prison.

    6. fd Says:

      What about the phony website that promotes the republican party (glorious leader) and nationalism simultaneous. Jewish Democratic Capitalism and nationalism bounce off each other. The website is a Jew / Federal plant. With every artifice employed………

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      That list is a great start. The Commies Liberals and Jews would be having rolling
      Coniption fits in the streets at any one item though.
      However these are some of things we have to implement if our People are to survive.
      The banks and the Jews have to be reined in. Sound money based on something
      similar to what Hitler did 1933 to 1936.
      Rule One . The White Race is the Basis of our Nation State
      Rule Two . All Legislation will proceed from the supposition of
      Is it Good for the White Race. ? Mocking what the Jews ask.
      Rule Three. For Our Race Everything! Outside Our Race Nothing!
      And yes i ripped off la Razas slogan for #3.

      Unfortunately this wont happen without Blood and lots of it.!
      Hope you’re ready .
      This time we have to fight for our very existence on the planet.
      We allowed ourselves to be painted into a corner by our clever enemies
      and own denial of the Race War and Genocide being conducted and carried
      out on us now.
      When will Whites wake up and secure our existence? ?
      The Abdication of the White Man is going on right now in front of our eyes .
      IN 100-150 years!!

    8. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      Everyone knows what to do, but these governments won’t do it. The Anglo-American alliance with Jews has their fat ass on the windpipe of the white race.

      If we can’t even start a White National Congress, we have no institutional advantages. People come and go, but institutions last.


      There is a lot we can do, if we can get the Alpine Union Congress (alpineunion.org) off the ground. Why isn’t there a white nationalist bitcoin? It’s so easy to make, and THERE IS ONE, but I have gotten no response from almost all of them.