14 April, 2017

Fooling the People, Again

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U.S. General #1: “We aren’t winning the war in Afghanistan. We’ve been there for 37 years, 9 months and 18 days. Do you call that ‘winning’?”

U.S. General #2: “I know, I know, but what the hell can we do??”

U.S. General #3: “I’ve got an idea: let’s drop a super-duper-mega-huge bomb on Afghanistan and then call it a ‘wonderful success’ — the people will believe it.”

U.S. General #1: “Hey, that’s a great idea. Pretty sneaky!”

U.S. General #3: “Thanks. I was trained in Israel by Mossad.”


  • 3 Responses to “Fooling the People, Again”

    1. fd Says:

      The monster bomb is a diversion for all the Federal failures in the Middle East, including giving Trump a badly needed political lift. His campaign reversals seem to be nonstop.

      The Federal intriguers want the public to believe they are finally turning things around. No amount of artifice can fool the intelligent.

    2. David James Says:


    3. Keer on Says:

      Who the fuck are these tools on vnnforum and vanguard news network , with the “real” 1st and last names.
      There must be at least a dozen on vnnforum!
      “David James?” It almost sounds like a porn star!