15 April, 2017

South Africa: Whites Could Be Facing Trouble

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(Above: the communist Jews, Joe Slovo and his wife, Ruth First, several years before First became [briefly] airborne via a mail bomb. Today, Slovo and First are portrayed as heroes in South Africa – destroying a successful, stable White country is a good thing, apparently).

Actually, make that “could be facing more trouble” because they’ve been facing it almost constantly since 1994 (when Whites stupidly agreed to give the Blacks political power). Now South Africa is in the toilet due to Black rule and thousands of Whites have fled to other countries. No Black-ruled country has ever been successful; S.A. will eventually collapse entirely. Newbies: there’s only one name that you need to know regarding the wrecking of South Africa: Joe Slovo. He was the Jew who, more than anyone else, delivered S.A. to the Blacks. Communist Jews led the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa; even though S.A. had a common-sense law called the Suppression of Communism Act, it failed to stop the Jews from wrecking S.A. and the law was later repealed.


More about the Jewing of S.A. [Here].

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Jews destroying a country???!!!!
      Cmon man!
      They r just a religion right??
      South Africa is wonderful to live in now
      Under black communist rule right ???
      Coming to America soon!!