22 May, 2017

France: Not Letting the People Decide Who Rules Them

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(Above: Vichy France leader Philippe P├ętain in uniform, 1940)

French bureaucrat #1: “I’m sorry, Madame Le Pen, but you couldn’t have become the president of France anyway: we would have prevented it.

Le Pen: “That’s ridiculous. Why?”

French bureaucrat #2: “Left-wing violence. If you had won the election, leftists would have run riot and the security of Europe would have been threatened!”

Le Pen: “Baloney. How am I responsible for leftist violence??”

French bureaucrat #1: “Well, it was the only plausible excuse we could come up with to stop the ‘far right’! Our backs were against the wall, Madame! The rabbis, the UN and NATO had spoken and we could not refuse them! They said ‘we can’t have another Vichy France. It was too stable, too White.'”

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  • 4 Responses to “France: Not Letting the People Decide Who Rules Them”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I am sure that our own American government has a plan to combat violence in case Trump is impeached.

      Give Macron a chance; he might surprise everyone.

    2. Tina Carter Says:

      Do you guys live in a cave filtering reality and imposing Alt-Right propaganda?

      C’mmon jut take a look at Le Pen husband (a jew!). That is pretty much a flag for us white nationalist.

      Remember the good’ol slogan “No Jews Just Right”.

      Hell, same goes for Trump!

      Why can’t most you see this?

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Poor Stupid Frogs!
      Looks like France is about to become
      Islamic and Globalist Toast? !
      Vichy France does look really good about now.
      Le Pen was their Last Chance to save their country
      Like Trump is ours but even he is only a breather
      For Liberty. We r still up against the wall.

      Looks like the Poor Frogs wont even get the break Amerikwa
      Did. Let Muslims in at your Society’s Peril.
      The latest example of useless hand-wringing koom by ya public
      Shows of “support” for the victims. Who wouldn’t be dead if people
      Kept Muslims out where they dont belong.
      I cant even work up sympathy anymore.
      Its like watching a drunk destroy themselves slowly with alcohol.
      They know their killing themselves slowly with booze or muslims
      But they just dont have the courage to face reality and Deal with
      their problems honestly.
      Thus drunks will keep drinking to death and suicidal Lemming White
      Societies will keep importing people and races who want to destroy them.

    4. The Red Skull Says: