20 May, 2017

The Media: It’s Been Spreading Fake News for Years

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Famous people are in a unique position to see firsthand how the media misbehaves. They can see the half-truths and no-truths written about them, and their fellow celebrities, on a weekly basis:

“I don’t believe much of anything I read anymore…the press have been so irresponsible…they’ve destroyed their own credibility to a great degree…” — singer Linda Ronstadt, talking about the media, in an October 1983 interview on the Don Lane TV show via satellite from Australia. Remember, this was said back in 1983; the media is even more dishonest today.

Furthermore: Alex on Leo Frank/fake news 100 years ago.

  • One Response to “The Media: It’s Been Spreading Fake News for Years”

    1. Bessie May Mucho Says:

      Fake news, in this case anti-German hate propaganda ,played a major role in getting the US into WWI in 1917.They have been at it ever since.