27 June, 2017

No-Fault Divorce/Divorce in America

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Trivia: every “bad kid” I ever knew came from a broken home (divorced parents). Every “good kid” I ever knew came from an intact, loving home. Divorce has had a horrible impact on Western culture. It used to be difficult to get a divorce. But now, it’s very easy to get one. Thanks, Jews. More trivia: women file for divorce much more often than men do, i.e., 69% of the time, and that number is probably too low given who usually compiles male/female relationship statistics.


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    1. fd Says:

      The number one cause of divorce is marriage. It’s a joke with a lot of truth behind it. The divorce industry is thriving. The government loves it.

      Cohabitation between man and wife is none of the governments business. Don’t buy a marriage license. ‘License’ is a red flag. Stay out of the courthouse. If people didn’t have that creepy government document in their dwelling, they would probably stay together longer.