3 July, 2017

Jews, You’re Not the Chosen People. We Are.

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(Above: a Jew. Notice the rodent-like appearance. Why would God “choose” these people?)

The Jews call themselves superior, the “holy people,” and most famously, “the Chosen People of God,” but they do that based upon…what? The Bible? The Torah? [1]. Those books are works of fiction and they were both written by…yep, the Jews themselves! They are pure fantasies, as real as the Easter Bunny.

The Jews never created a civilization. They built nothing. They didn’t even have their own country until 1948! They just wandered around the world getting kicked out of every country they entered, which says a whole lot about them. Everything they “own” they either stole (like Palestine, or “Einstein’s” Theory of Relativity), or were given (White people gave them nearly everything, like Israel’s tanks and airplanes and machine guns).

Now, compare the Jews to White people [2]. Whites built the world and gave it to mankind. You’re welcome! Everything we touch becomes a success. We sent people to the moon while the Jews were obsessing over their toilet events and whether or not their ketchup was “kosher.”

We Whites are the real Chosen People of God, not the Jews – indeed, why would God “choose” the Jews, an ugly tribe of swindlers, con-artists and nation-wreckers? [3]. God would never choose them. A Jew saying he’s “God’s chosen” is like a skid row bum saying he’s a millionaire. It’s really absurd.

White people are The Chosen People. We made the world. The Jews just occupy space within it.

[1] see the Book of Deuteronomy

[2] Jews are not genetically White, even though they have “White” skin

[3] most Jews are physically unattractive, e.g., having big noses and big ears, although granted, some don’t have those features

  • 12 Responses to “Jews, You’re Not the Chosen People. We Are.”

    1. fd Says:

      Off topic

      The fourth-of-July school of rhetoric was invented by Yankee orators. Patrick Henry said the states were in perfect security up to what he called the Federal convention/Philadelphia convention.

      A military officer wrote: ” With Washington manipulating the proceedings, however, the delegates exceeded their congressional mandate and created an entirely new Constitution. It replaced the loose confederation of sovereign states with a strong federal government whose power the patriots had fought to overthrow.”

    2. Thomas Says:

      Jews are hideous creatures and they are liars.

    3. Luke Says:

      It might be a good opportunity to ask – if Whites are really as tremendously talented as some of our racial drum bangers claim – then why have the jews been kicking our white asses for the last hundred years and why are they a mere 23 or so years away from reducing Whites to a permanently subjugated, powerless and despised minority inside the America that would not have ever existed without the White race’s ingenuity, sacrifice, spilled blood and hard work?

      Just asking.

      I think it is way past time to stop bragging about, and hitching our wagons to, the amazing deeds that our race has done in the past – and start focusing our anger and outrage on the racial enemy who is on the verge of denying our race a future.

    4. fd Says:

      Correct on all points, Luke. The Jews are a horse ahead. And they surely laugh at all the dissension on pro White websites, whereas they are highly organized. It’s time for Whites to manage affairs in their area and not waste time on international media lies.

    5. Wulf Says:

      fd and Luke,

      It is a sad fact that we seem to be individuals arguing with each other. Where as the Jews always work together unless its fighting over money in court. 99 % of us white Anglos do not want to know about this – they find it too uncomfortable. I mean they don’t even want to admit to themselves 911 was a controlled demolition. They are already telling our children that they can choose their sexuality. So I doubt it can get any worse than that, other than mass extermination as they have perpetrated before. I totally agree about the fictitious Jesus. There are so many people who desire to lead a good clean life and they have fallen for this creepy Jewish Jesus story. Stay strong and keep throwing the cats among the pigeons.

    6. Luke Says:

      There was a fairly decent movie that came out in 1988 called ‘Everybody’s All American’, and it starred Dennis Quaid and Jessica Lange. Quaid played the role of a Louisiana college football legend who goes on to play pro football and makes the mistake of ‘hanging on too long’ and finishes his career as a failure.

      Anyway, I am often reminded of this movie – when I see articles or comments on pro-White websites where White guys will be banging their White racial drum and boasting about all of the outstanding achievements that Whites have given to the majority non-white, largely incompetent and hapless world.

      In the movie, after Dennis Quaid washes out of football – he finds himself relegated to hanging out in bars and enticed into retelling football stories about his career to rich, elitist sports fan groupies in exchange for them paying for his bar tab. The ultimate humiliation for a once great and highly respected athlete. Reduced to a professional bullshitter.

      In more ways than one, I wonder if the jews who made that movie were up to their usual devious tricks and playing mind games with the White man – taunting and teasing us, by using the Dennis Quaid character as a symbol of how they were planning to knock us off our lofty perch of superiority on the world’s stage?

      For anyone who has not seen this movie, I encourage you to do so. And, think about what I’ve said when you watch it and decide for yourself if you think my analysis is on target.

    7. BroncoColorado Says:

      Luke, it’s called ‘predictive progamming’, and it seems to work! Get rid of the jew tube.

    8. fd Says:

      The spam filter doesn’t like me. It happens once in awhile.

    9. The Red Skull Says:

      Of Course we are Gods Chosen People.
      Its why the Jews say they are because of jealousy.
      And they are the Chosen people of Satan
      Setting up the Satanic cashless surveillance State
      Here in the land founded by us for us.

    10. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Khazars are not the true Jews. They are not Jews at all.

    11. The Red Skull Says:

      It doesnt matter really their origins. Lets hope White People are around in
      150 years still to argue their Satanic origins.



    12. Truth-hammer Says:

      Jews are man’s and history’s VD.