21 July, 2017

Still More Goy Control

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Think the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991? Think again. It’s alive and well, right here in America:

“Michigan requires that anyone who wants to be a foster parent must register his handguns with the state as well as keep the guns unloaded and locked in a safe separate from the ammunition.” How can you defend your home under such crazy circumstances?


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  7. 6 Responses to “Still More Goy Control”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      The Fed Govt has set up all kinds of ways to take away Constitutional rights. People erroneously think they only lose those rights if they find themselves in prison or convicted of a crime and on probation, but the truth is, the Constitution is really more about granting the Govt certain powers, and the Bill of Rights is setting a limit on Federal Govt. power over individuals/States.

      I think protecting children is important, but only if there is something to protect them from. These people haven’t broken any laws, and are stepping in to foster and in-need child obviously–and the Fed Govt is making it hard for them? Doesn’t seem to be ‘in the best interest of the children’. Having to show their CC License is fine, and that the firearms are registered. But people used to teach children-very young ones-how to be safe around, and even use, firearms.

      A blender is dangerous is left unattended around a small child, as are electrical outlets, ladders, bathtubs….you get the point. Kids have even drowned in the toilet because they were playing in the water, and their top-heavy bodies caused them to fall head-first and drown. Are we going to outlaw toilets?

      It is probably only a matter of time, actually, for social justice, that we do so. (Cue eye roll).

    2. fd Says:

      Revilo Oliver said the Federal constitution was a running joke in Washington city.

      It’s time for the Federal constitution to be placed in the stacks of a museum. The state constitutions can do the job. Let the people of their respective states manage their own affairs.

      The only difference between Jewish Democratic Capitalism and straight run communism is the former pretends to let you own property until the Federals decide to take it — backed up by federal laws.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: Exactly. There are loopholes in all laws for the elite, like having no mineral rights to your property, or torturing the Bundy family (Cliven, Ryan, and Ammon) because they grazed their cattle on what was State land, when Feds wanted to grab it.

      They described the men who fought back as a ‘rag tag band of militiamen’, but that is exactly what founded this country, and we actually have a Constitutional Right to form ‘rag tag militias’ to protect ourselves from tyranny.

      In theory we have this right–but they make examples of people all the time to illustrate that really we don’t.

    4. Zerstorer Says:

      This is exactly what the legislation that requires registered gun owners in Australia to do. But there seems to be a major disconnect of common sense when it comes to defending yourself.

    5. JD Says:

      The days of civilized debate are at an end. The totalitarians arrogantly press forward and over anyone that stands in their way. People are going to have to realize that the time for niceties is at an end. What might be hard to accept is that lives will be endangered and lost… it’s always been the way in maintaining freedoms.

      Everyone talks about defending themselves… with guns… Well? When is it time?

    6. JD Says:

      Okay… history, basically, has to be re-learned. The world as we know it isn’t what ‘they’ say it is. Geographically, politically, scientifically. We know who really starts the wars, who really pulls the strings in government, (not the figureheads we ‘vote’ for) and that the system we have is merely a commercial construct devoid of humanity and human rights, reducing everything to the level of commercial transactions.

      I’m not totally sold on a flat earth scenario… but, I KNOW the earth isn’t as old as they say it is, therefore, I KNOW the stars and planets are not as far away as they say they are. I KNOW evolution is bullshit… how? Because, they say it is! And… THEY LIE… ABOUT EVERYTHING! That’s why I say that re-learning EVERYTHING is mandatory! If they’ll lie about some things, they’ll lie about many things.

      How far do you want to take things? Unless you realize that ‘they’ are in this for all day, and will stop at nothing to win, AND are opposed to God Almighty, (even if you don’t believe, THEY DO!) it is a waste of time and energy to want to change things. Accept your slavery and be happy… obedient slaves are and can be well looked after.

      It’s really all about choice… “Choose ye this day, whom thou wilst serve. If it be God, serve God. If it be man, serve man.”