31 July, 2017

Tyrone Cartoons

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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      Cute, but Tyrone generally would not bother with the sign for ‘munie’, he’d shake down the local charity orgs and steal when that runs out.

      The pointy head and strangely small forehead is quite correct, yet you aren’t supposed to notice…cartoons poking fun of Whites are fine, but you can’t get into actual biological facts about anyone else, you see, that’s ‘racist’.

    2. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      I’ll be vindicated when people realize what I already know. The phony Christian, Republican website styled Daily Stormer is a plant. With every artifice employed, its purpose is to bring racists into the establishment behind the guise of racism. Vote republican and remain loyal to the savior shops.

      As a Southern down-homer with kinfolks all over the South, I can say with great certainty that ‘Rebel Yell 225’ is phony as a 3 dollar bill.

      Both outfits have Jews in the woodpile.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: entirely possible, though the ideological bend people have can be the one they really have–meaning it’s not shilling, just them being wrong.

      Aurenheimer (Weev) did say in an interview that he has Jewish ancestry. Whenever you see particular things going in a particular way-and you’ve seen it before with other things in a similar fashion-one can make an assumption, but it’s still just that until proof.

      I do think SPLC creates fake ‘feuds’ when the people they’re really after are languishing in prisons. The whole lawsuit with Gersh is a set-up, as there is no way I believe she was ‘out of kindness’ suggesting she could ‘help’ Spencer’s mom, lol. No way. Then Anglin’s saying to write to her being tied to people over-stepping legal boundaries when they did so is one that won’t legally work, and they know it. It’s a fake suit IMO, but the reason unknown–could be to expand laws to hold people who write or put out any type of media content responsible for the actions of their viewers.

      A dumb idea, as look at what’s out there to hold third and fourth parties accountable for—the last thing the overburdened court system will tolerate is a jillion dollars worth of ‘that book’ or ‘that website’ or ‘that show’ made me do it lawsuits.

      Waaay off topic, lol. Tyrone was lost in translation.

    4. wolf Says:

      Hi FD man,

      Yeah I dropped in to Stormfront a few times. I went to the chat room, where they asked for an email address. What was creepy it had some notice about having a disposable email address if you weren’t comfortable posting there… Then when I get into the chat room there is someone with a nickname “Andreas Brevik” with a picture of him. There was also another character with a big nosed jew taking off a sheep’s head with a caption “are there any goyim here” As soon as I saw the Andreas Brevik handle and this Jew handle I said – Yes I am the only one ! Meaning I was the only real honest good white anglo there. The rest were a bunch of the usual jews fomenting hatred. I mean the whole experience was so creepy. No real Anglo man would murder children. As we all know Hitler was a good man. He wrestled with his conscience and sent the Jews to work camps in the country not death camps. Thereby actually saving the miserable bunch when the allies firebombed the capital cities in Germany. Storm Front it just another Jewish disinformation site as bad as Flat earth for the Judo Christianised people who refuse to think for themselves. Ok enough for one day – stay strong and win.

    5. wolf Says:

      Funny cartoon. We are given Homer on the Simpsons, Family Guy and American dad. So we white Anglos sure know how to laugh at ourselves and I think black guys do to in a relaxed environment. It is the Jews who constantly try and play people off against each other. It’s quite a funny cartoon.

      “Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his country’s cause” – Homer

      Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/homer153604.html