29 August, 2017

The Moral Battle

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by Richard McCulloch.


“Our anti-White antagonists were given, or arranged, the opening or opportunity they were looking for and took full advantage of it at our expense. They seized the moral high ground and from those heights are showering us with a torrent of moral invective, denunciation, condemnation and epithets, creating false pretexts to justify suppression of our message…”

I hear what McCulloch is saying, but then again, there will come a time when “having the moral high ground” won’t matter to White people. They will simply want to be with their own kind, “morality” be damned; yes, by that time, it might be too late to save Western culture. But actually, when you analyze the matter, the moral high ground is already held by Whites, they just don’t know it, due to constant cultural brainwashing. Western culture has given the world far, far more than it has taken away. In fact, the whole world owes White people big time. Should we Whites take back democracy, the concepts of free speech and human equality, and electricity from the world? [1]. Should we take back the telephone, which has saved many millions of lives, from the world? Or the airplane? Or the lightbulb — how would the left-wingers and Jews type their propaganda in the dark? Hmmm? Should we take back all the White inventions, like logical thinking and philosophy? I’d like to see how the world would function without all the nifty White stuff: no cars/trucks, no computers, no wildlife conservation, no mechanical farming equipment; if we took it all back, the world would largely stop and millions of people would die – many from diseases that White people cured with White medicine! And the anti-White creeps still have the friggin’ balls to criticize and belittle Whites?? We gave you the world, you little bitty men).


[1] granted, “human equality” (“that all Men are created equal” — Thomas Jefferson, 1776) was not one of our better ideas, even though it only applied to White males back then

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    1. fd Says:

      When your next step is for life or death, you don’t get any points for moral high ground. Separation is a law of nature. That is all that is required for White people. Natural Selection is uncomplicated and fierce.

      Thomas Jefferson was full of it when he wrote — all men are created equal. F minus.

    2. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      Anti-Semitism is the RIGHT TO RESIST Jews destroying your nation and its children. If you don’t become an anti-Semite, your son will cut his dick off.

      That’s my thought of the day. Pass it on.

      P.S. Hitler had good intentions. Minister Aso:


    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Let me clear this up.
      When Jefferson wrote ” all men are created equal” he wasn’t
      Thinking about niggers!
      He was referring to CLASS NOT RACE!
      We came from a Caste Society which is what Europe
      Still is in many ways. You were and still are a common
      Peasant worker , middle , upper and Royalty.
      There was very little movement up possible.
      No peasant would ever be Royalty or even lower
      And middle classes.
      Jefferson meant NO MAN IS BORN A KING
      The Left has LIED AS USUAL
      That it means “Racial Equality ”
      I Call BULLSHIT!!
      We didn’t free the niggers before , during and after the
      Revolutionary War.
      Congress forbid them serving.
      Except for one or two units who slipped in
      Under the radar.
      The British however, offered Freedom to any nigger
      who could escape from the plantation and serve for
      A time in King George’s Army.

      Case Closed!!

    4. fd Says:

      I am aware that Thomas Jefferson wasn’t referring to negroes and other swirls when he wrote “all men are created equal.” His words are easily exploited and taken out of context.

      Confederate Navy officer Captain Semmes wrote with great clarity:

      Raphael Semmes erected a tombstone in Mexico with the inscription “In memoriam of Abraham Lincoln, President of the late United States, who died of nigger on the brain, 1st January 1863,” is somehow honored with an award given to an exemplary cadet of the U.S. Coast Guard academy.

    5. fd Says:

      The Black Republicans and their constituents freed the negroes and gave them citizenship and the vote. They also marshalled into service an ultra modern negro army for the exclusive purpose to kill White people in North America and finally Europe and the world.