20 August, 2017

Zimbabwe: Built by Whites, Destroyed by Blacks. Sound Familiar, Detroit?

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Zimbabwe (previously named Rhodesia) is almost like a TV sitcom, except it’s not funny. Once a nice, safe, White-ruled country with the greatest farmland in Africa, Zimbabwe is now a negro-ruled wasteland, totally bankrupt and miserable, run by a Black communist and anti-White thug named Robert Mugabe. Notice how the “Western” media all but ignores the daily horrors of Chimpbabwe. The sad thing is, the West played a key role in turning Rhodesia into Zimbabwe; yes, international Jewry played a vital role as well, but not all by itself [1]; some White leaders also pushed for Rhodesia to end White rule (e.g., American president Jimmy Carter). Newbies, why not study how and why Rhodesia became Zimbabwe? Lots of lessons there, e.g., once you give up your White country to Blacks, hell awaits, there’s no turning back.


[1] Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger’s role in transforming Rhodesia into Zimbabwe

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Study what happened to Rhodesia.
      Now happening in South Africa where they tear down Boer statues.
      Also the murder of 70,000 Whites since the end of White Rule.

      Also the taking of farmland from Whitey.

      If you think that The Left here in Amerikwa will stop at statues your
      Either blind or completely ignorant of whats in store for Us here and in Europe.

    2. Chandala Says:

      “The Great Betrayal: The Memoirs of Ian Douglas Smith”

      Ian Smith took white Rhodesia to independence from Great Britain, and the British, as well as the Cuban, Russian and Chinese Communists (along with Jimmy Carter) destroyed his white country.

      Now, the Cubans are busy subverting Venezuela to use as a launch pad for direct assaults on the US, Russia has pretty much folded, except in Syria and Iran, but Communist China is still trying to consolidate its conquest of all of the important natural resources and the militarily geo-strategic locations in Africa.

      The Communist Chinese (while everyone was sleeping) recently planned to move into Walvis Bay, (about the only naval base in SW Africa) in what was formerly German South West Africa, from which the Chinese could launch air force bombers directly at the East Coast of the US.

      The US has a lot of enemies. But they don’t dare try a frontal assault. So they have to chip away at Western Civilization one country at a time. And Rhodesia was one of the first chips to fall. They are playing a long game, a very long, but relentless game.

    3. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Sounds like the Chinese leaned that from the kikes Chandala. Sneaky little bastards the lot of em’!!!

    4. Karl west Says:

      Look to the Congo 1961 .
      Mass cannibalism of Whites, torture deaths and women raped to insanity.
      Zimbabwe and S.A. have been lucky, so far.

    5. Wolf Says:

      We know the Jewish plan for Germany is to turn the whole country into a black slum. Most Germans don’t even own their own home but are expected to support unlimited black refugees and Syrians who have been herded to Europe by Jews to F over Germany again…

      Gerry Lewis died yesterday – The sacred Jew being honoured again. F**K them

    6. fd Says:

      White South Africans voted to transfer their government to Negro rule. I believe it was 1991.

    7. bangkav Says:

      The Australian Prime Minister at the time, Malcolm Frazer, also had a hand in supporting Mugabe.
      Frazer, purportedly a conservative politician showed his hand in later years being feted by and flying around in George Soros’s private jet.
      Is nobody who they pretend to be anymore….?

    8. BroncoColorado Says:

      Former Australian PM Malcolm Frazer; a haughty arrogant bastard and also a jew. I have lost the link showing his ancestry, but the evidence was very solid.

    9. JRwhitestrong Says:

      In every city in the United States there is a slumy black chimp ghetto where a successful white community once thrived.

    10. JRwhitestrong Says:

      In every city in the United States there is a slumy black chimp ghetto where a successful white community was once thriving.