24 September, 2017

Fight Against the Charge of Racism? A Waste of Time and Energy Today

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Seen: a leader of America’s pro-gun lobby fighting against the accusation that the (largely-White/largely-male) lobby is “racist.”

I suggest 2 things: 1) that the word “racist” – when used against Whites – no longer has very much impact because the word has been so over-used; 2) leftists and anti-Whites are going to call Whites “racists” regardless of what Whites do or say.

Whites need to lose their paralyzing fear of the charge of “racism.” That old saying, “if you run from something it will always chase you” is true. Regardless, I think the best White response to the accusation of “racism” is not to deny the charge at all, but to just say: “everyone should be proud of their race no matter who they are”; that one sentence is all that is needed to end debate about “racism.”

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    1. CM Says:

      Right, because they’re going to call you a racist anyway, as stated above. Self-hating whites will never learn this truth. Preferably it’s best to separate from all nonwhites, but where is such a place?

    2. Jürgen Says:


      Simply neutralize it by telling them, according to THEIR OWN twisted logic,
      that they are racists too, for disagreeing with you, and FOR not being tolerant of you.

      (Pssst… then enjoy the look on their faces )

    3. Stan Sikorski Says:

      CM, that place is right here. THEY can leave, and they better leave if they know what’s good for them. These lands are our White lands. Of course the truth is they have never learned the lesson of not to bite the hand that feeds. Without us “racist” Whites, their mud asses would be starved bags of bones sheltering in dung huts.

      We need to openly and loudly start reminding these muds that they only exist here and now because of our quickly diminishing tolerance of lower life forms. But remind them that the more they continue to push our patience with their demeaning and violent antics, the more they deserve swift and permanent removal from our societies.

      And jews shouldn’t receive any such ‘niceties’. They must be removed from our lands immediately without discussion, warning, or any other waste of time and energy.

      It’s way past time to be nice about things. Even those of our own race that dare to challenge us deserve our retribution. It’s time to take a broom to this mess.

    4. Jürgen Says:

      Well said, Stan

      I’m seeing Whites, who don’t even identify themselves as White Nationalists,
      waking the hell up all over the place.

    5. Chandala Says:

      Americans used to have the common sense to at least TRY to keep the Jews out of America.

      The Jews invented the perjorative term “RACIST” as a verbal club to beat Whites over the head with, to force them to allow Jewish immigration. The Jews knew they could use the White races “pathological altruism” to shame and guilt them into allowing Jews into the country.

      The word “racist” is also ambiguous. It has two different meanings. If applied to “racial supremacists” it means the intention of the superior race to rule over and possibly genocide the inferior race. If used by “racial SEPARATISTS” it simply means the intention that the races should live apart, in peace, but with no interbreeding, as the Almighty intended.

      It’s sad that most people never see that the Jews themselves, the real racial supremacists. are the ones who invented the term “racist”, and that they the Jews are the most racist people on Earth, who believe that they are God’s chosen people, who’ve been promised by God Himself that they are the only real humans on Earth, and that, if they keep all of Gods commandments, they will be allowed by God to rule over and even exterminate all the sub-human races.

    6. fd Says:

      Jews are mongrels born out of the racial cauldron of the Middle East. I don’t give any consideration to Jew speak. They have no language of their own. The artificial state styled Israel is an abomination. A terrible place to live. A welfare state that exist at the sufferance of income tax slaves in North America.

    7. cm Says:

      Stan, I agree completely, and want nothing more than to go back to the way it was when all of us Whites had our own space. Now, I rarely see a White person. Thanks.

    8. spahnranch1969 Says:

      If some jew, spade or shitlib calls me a racist I say: Of course I am, you make it sound like that’s a bad thing!

    9. The Red Skull Says:

      I got a plastic bag i keep my White Guilt in.
      I take it out when appropriate.
      To show Liberals and Commies when needed.
      I say see this empty plastic bag?
      Its for White Guilt and its empty cause i aint got any!

    10. archer Says:

      A friend of mine was called a racist, his reply was ” so I’m a racist, what else have you got”, my sentiments exactly.