6 September, 2017

Hitchhiking, Then and Now: Why Is the Risk So Different Today?, or, the Hazards of a Jewish-Run Entertainment/Pleasure Culture

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Seen: a 1970s movie highlighting the dangers of young people hitchhiking. Yes, it was sort of a cheesy movie, but it was also socially interesting. Let’s consider that:

Back in the 1940s, it was common for young people (especially military soldiers) to hitchhike rides on the highway with strangers. It was not dangerous to hitchhike back then.

But in the modern era, it is dangerous for a young person to hitchhike, especially a female. Too many nutjobs are around.

What changed? Why was hitchhiking not dangerous back then, but is dangerous now? Well, as Dr. William Pierce noted, there was an unusual and dramatic increase in crime in America between the 1940s and the 1970s [1]. Even when you include Black and Hispanic population increases, the crime statistics are still very unusual. Crime increased dramatically during that period. Negative cultural change in America is the reason why it increased.

Getting back to hitchhiking dangers: many Americans don’t feel “connected” to other Americans anymore. Therefore, it is much more likely for a stranger to commit violence against a hitchhiker. After all, it’s easier to harm someone when you don’t have any positive feelings, or feelings of compassion, for them. America is now a giant country full of isolated strangers. One big reason for that fact is that DVD movies, TV series and video games isolate people in their own homes. Millions of people spend days, maybe even weeks, never interacting with live humans, but only interacting with “the electronic Jew.” That can warp your mind, in many ways.

Modern America is a country full of strangers who often don’t care one bit about their fellow citizens, and our Jewish “entertainment culture” is at least partly to blame for that.

[1] “The total population of the United States slightly more than doubled during the 66 years between 1930 and 1996, while the prison population increased by more than a factor of ten. Why? How could that have happened in this kinder and gentler age? Isn’t that contradictory to everything we’ve been taught about the country becoming more and more enlightened and with a hundred times as many so-called “entitlement” programs and job-training programs and rehabilitation programs and Head Start programs and so forth now as then? How does that square with the government’s recent claims that crime of all sorts is falling these days? Murders are down, they tell us. Robberies are down. Then why does the prison population keep increasing?” — Dr. William Pierce, “When the Barriers Come Down,” American Dissident Voices Broadcast of January 23, 1999

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    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      Big Jew, through welfare, promiscuous hippy sex, and TV,
      REMOVED THE FATHER from the family.

      Blacks and Hispanics ran all over impregnating everything
      that wore a skirt.

      So did, White hippy liberals.

      White women got knocked up, married the jewish welfare state
      and kicked the man out of the home.

      Generations of kids have grown up up as wild, selfish beasts, feral,
      ferocious, and fatherless, with no personal disciplines.

      Hordes of aimless animals, caring for nothing but their next pleasure
      or thrill, roam the land. They will either destroy themselves, or be
      destroyed during the coming Civil War for a White America.

    2. fd Says:

      There are strong pockets of the folk in places like the Florida-Georgia Line, East Texas, etc.

      Many of the prisons are managed by private companies. The contracts demand about 90% occupancy at all times. The Commissars put pressure on judges to send as many people to prison as possible to meet the requirements. The Federals count criminal Hispanics, Jews and others as White which makes White people look bad statistically.

      As I have said before, race mixing among the Boomer Generation was nil. Hippies did not have a reputation for race mixing. All that came later in the 1980s and ’90s.

      White female Freedom Riders from the North came down with their Negro boyfriends to ride on the front of the bus in Mississippi, Alabama, etc. The Federals used Federal guns to force amalgamation on the people of the South.

      Everybody should point their guns to Washington city.