8 September, 2017

Quote: Savitri Devi

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This quote should appear on every monument in America. Best quote I’ve read in months – no, in years.

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    1. fd Says:

      Savitri Devi: “A people that has returned to its blood and soil, and that has realised the danger of international Jewry, can no longer tolerate a religion which makes the Scriptures of the Jews the basis of its Gospel. Germany cannot be rebuilt on this lie.”

    2. J├╝rgen Says:



      In fact, any mythology from anywhere in the Middle East
      has no place in a White Europe.

    3. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Funny how everyone says the same thing about these tossers.

    4. Zerstorer Says:

      Interesting… I came across Savitri Devi via one of Jonathan Bowden speeches on youtube, and ordered one of her books called “The Lightning and the Sun”. It was one of the books that inspired George Lincoln Rockwell on race and the subversive Jew.

    5. I.C. Dindus Says:

      Savitri Devi, one of the most brilliant writers and thinkers of the last one hundred years. “The Lightning and the Sun” is one of the greatest inspirations of my life and way of thought. Everyone is advised to read it; also “Pilgrimage”, “Defiance” “Gold in the Furnace.”

    6. fd Says:

      Savitri Devi: . . . a visit to Palestine in 1929 convinced her that Judeo-Christianity, whose outward observances in the Holy Land repelled her, was an alien intrusion into the West, distorting its natural spiritual evolution and imposing upon it a sterile monotheism and a servile philo-Semitism.”

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Socrates, it is time to reprint your parody, Flying Jews from the Sky (The Ballad of the Green Berets).

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      She looks White to me . Obviously Aryan Indian .
      “The Jew is very dangerous by his essence”

      She got that right.
      An ” anti-Semite” of the highest caliber.

    9. Socrates Says:

      The Red Skull Says: “She looks White to me . Obviously Aryan Indian.”

      If memory serves me, Devi was Greek/Italian/British.


    10. fd Says:

      Testing 1 – 2

    11. fd Says:

      “Savitri Devi, priestess of . . . was born Maximiani Portas on September 30, 1905, in Lyons, France, of a Greek father and an English mother. [Image: Savitri in India, c. 1935.]”

    12. The Red Skull Says:

      @ Socrateez

      Well that explains why she dont look like
      One of them Wogs!
      How is it that shes “Indian”
      Why is she A “Guru” of White Nationalist
      Philosophy? ?

      Please explain this to the Audience and


      Somehow i missed The Bus Boat Plane
      And Train on this chick and never read
      Any of her stuff cause you just dont find
      Or see it. Off The Radar Completely.

      Jews Bury it? Like Usual?